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  1. Cloud Computing in VANETs: Architecture, Taxonomy, and Challenges
  2. LER-GR: Location Error Resilient Geographical Routing for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
  3. Location Verification
  4. Weighted link quality and forward progress coupled with modified RTS/CTS for beaconless packet forwarding protocol (B-PFP) in VANETs
  5. FSM-F: Finite State Machine Based Framework for Denial of Service and Intrusion Detection in MANET
  6. F3TM: Flooding Factor based Trust Management Framework for secure data transmission in MANETs
  7. Internet of Vehicles: Motivation, Layered Architecture, Network Model, Challenges and Future Aspects
  8. Patient Data Dissemination in Wireless Body Area Network
  9. Geometry based Inter Vehicle Distance Estimation for Instantaneous GPS Failure in VANETs
  10. Secured Time Stable Geocast (S-TSG) Routing for VANETs
  11. Enhancing fault tolerance and reducing delay in virtual network embedding using NSGA-II
  12. Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Genetic Algorithm and Non-Dominant Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II (NSGA II) and Variants
  13. Guaranteed Geocast Routing Protocol for Vehicular Adhoc Networks in Highway Traffic Environment
  14. Efficient dynamic caching for geocast routing in VANETs
  15. Cache agent-based geocasting in VANETs
  16. A Hybrid Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
  17. Maximizing Fault Tolerance and Minimizing Delay in Virtual Network Embedding using NSGA-II
  18. Location Information Verification cum Security Using TBM in Geocast Routing
  19. Multiobjective Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem and Time Seed Based Solution Using Particle Swarm Optimization
  20. Performance Improvement in Geographic Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  21. Dynamic ad hoc transport protocol (D-ATP) for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  22. Geometrical Localization Algorithm for Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks
  23. Geocast routing: Recent advances and future challenges in vehicular adhoc networks
  24. Geocasting in vehicular adhoc networks using particle swarm optimization
  25. A Probabilistic Analysis of Path Duration Using Routing Protocol in VANETs
  26. Enhanced Caching for Geocast Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
  27. Traffic light based time stable geocast (T-TSG) routing for urban VANETs
  28. Dynamic Vehicle Routing Solution in the Framework of Nature-Inspired Algorithms