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  1. Quantum Codes Obtained from Constacyclic Codes
  2. Divisor graph of the complement of Γ(R)
  3. Quantum codes from the cyclic codes over $$\mathbb {F}_{p}[u,v,w]/\langle u^{2}-1,v^{2}-1,w^{2}-1,uv-vu,vw-wv,wu-uw\rangle $$ ...
  4. A note on lower nil M-Armendariz rings
  5. A class of constacyclic codes over $${\mathbb {Z}}_{4}[u]/\langle u^{k}\rangle $$Z4[u]/⟨uk⟩
  6. A study of constacyclic codes over the ring ℤ4[u]/〈u2 − 3〉
  7. Motzkin’s Maximal Density and Related Chromatic Numbers
  8. A study of cyclic and constacyclic codes over Z4 + uZ4 + vZ4
  9. A study of cyclic and constacyclic codes over Z4 + uZ4 + vZ4
  10. Energy and Wiener index of Total Graph over Ring Zn
  11. Fuzzy Transportation Problem with Generalized Triangular-Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
  12. On generalizations of two Ramanujan’s summations
  13. On a quadratic transformation due to Kummer and its generalizations
  14. Certain Generalized q-Operators
  15. Corrigendum to “Subsequence sums: Direct and inverse problems” [J. Number Theory 148 (2015) 235–256]
  16. Subsequence sums: Direct and inverse problems
  17. Unbalanced Transportation Problems in Fuzzy Environment using Centroid Ranking Technique
  18. Covering of Line Graph of Zero Divisor Graph over Ring