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  1. Platelet concentrate supernatants alter endothelial cell mRNA and protein expression patterns as a function of storage length
  2. Soluble CD40L and CD62P levels differ in single-donor apheresis platelet concentrates and buffy coat-derived pooled platelet concentrates
  3. Can a decentralized blood supply system reach 100% voluntary nonremunerated donation?
  4. Transfusion and refusal: trials and tribulations
  5. Platelet toll-like receptors are crucial sensors of infectious danger moieties
  6. Modeling the effect of platelet concentrate supernatants on endothelial cells: focus on endocan/ESM-1
  7. Theoretical and experimental ethics: advocacy for blood donors and beneficiaries of blood transfusions
  8. Properties of donated red blood cell components from patients with hereditary hemochromatosis
  9. Bloodletting for non-medical reasons: what about safety and quality?
  10. Amotosalen-HCl-UVA pathogen reduction does not alter poststorage metabolism of soluble CD40 ligand, Ox40 ligand and interkeukin-27, the cytokines that generally associate with serious adverse events
  11. Removal of biological response modifiers associated with platelet transfusion reactions by columns containing adsorption beads