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  1. Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation in grown-up congenital heart disease patients: Insights from the Zurich experience
  2. Multicentre multi-device hybrid imaging study of coronary artery disease: results from the EValuation of INtegrated Cardiac Imaging for the Detection and Characterization of Ischaemic Heart Disease (EVINCI) hybrid imaging population
  3. Association of left bundle branch block with obstructive coronary artery disease on coronary CT angiography: a case–control study
  4. CME
  5. Treatment of degenerative mitral regurgitation in elderly patients
  6. Left-sided haemothorax after iatrogenic coronary perforation in a patient with prior bypass surgery
  7. New Insights from Major Prospective Cohort Studies with Cardiac Nuclear Imaging
  8. Excluding a giant coronary aneurysm by implantation of a covered stent
  9. Noninvasive Approach to Assess Coronary Artery Stenoses and Ischemia
  10. Stellenwert der nicht-invasiven Bildgebung in der Kardiologie
  11. Historical Account: Interventional Cardiology
  12. Why Quantify Myocardial Perfusion?
  13. Kardiale Hybridbildgebung
  14. Hybrid Cardiac Imaging
  15. Combining CT and nuclear: a winning hybrid team