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  1. Seven moral rules found all around the world
  2. Introducing a new moral values questionnaire
  3. Helping makes you happy
  4. Excavating the Foundations: Cognitive Adaptations for Multiple Moral Domains
  5. A range of kindness activities boost happiness
  6. Cross-cultural regularities in the cognitive architecture of pride
  7. Morality as Cooperation: A Problem-Centred Approach
  8. The Complexity of Jokes Is Limited by Cognitive Constraints on Mentalizing
  9. Constituents of political cognition: Race, party politics, and the alliance detection system
  10. Social Welfare and the Psychology of Food Sharing: Short‐Term Hunger Increases Support for Social Welfare
  11. Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?
  12. Sharing a joke: The effects of a similar sense of humor on affiliation and altruism
  13. Altruism in social networks: Evidence for a ‘kinship premium’
  14. Social Welfare and the Psychology of Food Sharing: Short-Term Hunger Increases Support for Social Welfare
  15. ‘Putting Ourselves in the Other Fellow’ s Shoes’ : The Role of ‘Theory of Mind’ in Solving Coordination Problems
  16. The psychopath’s dilemma: The effects of psychopathic personality traits in one-shot games
  17. Altruism in networks: the effect of connections
  18. Darwinism's fantastic voyage
  19. Patience is a virtue: Cooperative people have lower discount rates
  20. The integrative framework for the behavioural sciences has already been discovered, and it is the adaptationist approach
  21. One good deed
  22. A change of mind?
  23. Altruistically Inclined?: The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity . Economics, Cognition, and Society. By Alexander J  Field. Ann Arbor (Michigan): University of Michigan Press. $54.50. xvi + 373 p; ill.; index. IS...
  24. Get Real: Evolution as Metaphor and Mechanism
  25. The Darwinian heritage and sociobiology