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  1. Light-Induced Waveguides in Nematic Liquid Crystals
  2. Radiating dispersive shock waves in non-local optical media
  3. Gerald Beresford Whitham. 13 December 1927 — 26 January 2014
  4. Elliptical optical solitary waves in a finite nematic liquid crystal cell
  5. Diffraction-induced instability of coupled dark solitary waves
  6. On optical Airy beams in integrable and non-integrable systems
  7. Spatial optical solitons in highly nonlocal media
  8. Steering of optical solitary waves by coplanar low power beams in reorientational media
  9. Nematic liquid crystals: An excellent playground for nonlocal nonlinear light localization in soft matter
  10. Comments on “Nonlinear refractive index induced collision and propagation of nematicons” by L. Kavitha, M. Venkatesh, S. Dhamayanthi and D. Gopi
  11. Exact and approximate solutions for optical solitary waves in nematic liquid crystals
  12. Comments on “Breather-like director reorientations in a nematic liquid crystal with nonlocal nonlinearity” by L. Kavitha, M. Venkatesh and D. Gopi
  13. Vortex confinement and bending with nonlocal solitons
  14. Deflection of nematicon-vortex vector solitons in liquid crystals
  15. Optical vortices in antiguides
  16. Comment on “Solitons in highly nonlocal nematic liquid crystals: Variational approach”
  17. Optical solitary waves in thermal media with non-symmetric boundary conditions
  18. Optical vortex solitary wave in a bounded nematic-liquid-crystal cell
  19. Nematicons
  20. Vortices in Nematic Liquid Crystals
  21. Theoretical Approaches to Nonlinear Wave Evolution in Higher Dimensions
  22. Interaction of Nematicons and Nematicon Clusters
  25. Refraction and instability of optical vortices at an interface in a liquid crystal
  26. Semi-analytical solutions for dispersive shock waves in colloidal media
  27. Scattering of reorientational optical solitary waves at dielectric perturbations
  28. Reorientational versus Kerr dark and gray solitary waves using modulation theory
  29. Propagation of optical spatial solitary waves in bias-free nematic-liquid-crystal cells
  30. Modulation analysis of nonlinear beam refraction at an interface in liquid crystals
  31. Lagrange solution for three wavelength solitary wave clusters in nematic liquid crystals
  32. Refraction of nonlinear beams by localized refractive index changes in nematic liquid crystals
  33. Solitary wave propagation and steering through light-induced refractive potentials
  34. Stability of an optical vortex in a circular nematic cell
  35. Soliton Steering by Longitudinal Modulation of the Nonlinearity in Waveguide Arrays
  36. Optical path control of solitary waves in dye-doped nematic liquid crystals
  38. Transcritical shallow-water flow past topography: finite-amplitude theory
  39. Stabilization of vortex-soliton beams in nematic liquid crystals
  40. Interaction of two-color solitary waves in a liquid crystal in the nonlocal regime
  41. Vector vortex solitons in nematic liquid crystals
  42. Modulation analysis of boundary-induced motion of optical solitary waves in a nematic liquid crystal
  43. Optical solitary waves escaping a wide trapping potential in nematic liquid crystals: Modulation theory
  44. Collisionless shock resolution in nematic liquid crystals
  45. Asymptotic description of solitary wave trains in fully nonlinear shallow-water theory
  46. Modulation analysis of large-scale discrete vortices
  47. Polarization kinetics in ferroelectrics with regard to fluctuations
  48. Nonlocal validity of an asymptotic one-dimensional nematicon solution
  49. Two-color, nonlocal vector solitary waves with angular momentum in nematic liquid crystals
  50. Dipole soliton formation in a nematic liquid crystal in the nonlocal limit
  51. Two-color vector-soliton interactions in nematic liquid crystals in the local response regime
  52. Two-colour nematicon interactions in local crystals
  53. Dipole soliton formation in nematic liquid crystals
  54. Mathematical modelling of nematicons and their interactions
  55. Stabilization of vortex solitons in nonlocal nonlinear media
  56. Modulation solutions for nematicon propagation in nonlocal liquid crystals
  57. Analysis of the Dynamics and Touchdown in a Model of Electrostatic MEMS
  58. Large-amplitude nematicon propagation in a liquid crystal with local response
  59. Evolution of Benjamin-Ono solitons in the presence of weak Zakharov-Kutznetsov lateral dispersion
  60. An undular bore solution for the higher-order Korteweg–de Vries equation
  61. Undular bore solution of the Camassa-Holm equation
  62. Spatial soliton evolution in nematic liquid crystals in the nonlinear local regime
  63. Unsteady undular bores in fully nonlinear shallow-water theory
  64. Evolution of two-dimensional lump nanosolitons for the Zakharov-Kuznetsov and electromigration equations
  65. A variational approach to the stability of an embedded NLS soliton at the edge of the continuum
  66. Approximate solutions for magmon propagation from a reservoir
  67. One-dimensional fluid diffusion induced by constant-rate flow injection: Theoretical analysis and application to the determination of fluid permeability and specific storage of a cored rock sample
  68. Davydov soliton evolution in temperature gradients driven by hyperbolic waves
  69. Evolution of two-dimensional standing and travelling breather solutions for the Sine–Gordon equation
  70. Raman induced destabilisation of asymmetric coupled solitary waves in nonlinear twin-core fibres
  71. Radiation from a cut-off point in a two layer nonlinear TE mode waveguide
  72. Active TM mode envelope soliton propagation in a nonlinear nematic waveguide
  73. The initial boundary problem for the Korteweg-de Vries equation on the negative quarter-plane
  74. Modelling the morning glory of the Gulf of Carpentaria
  75. Quantum collapse of a small dust shell
  76. Pulse evolution for a two-dimensional Sine-Gordon equation
  77. Pulse evolution in nonlinear optical fibers with sliding-frequency filters
  78. Radiative losses due to pulse interactions in birefringent nonlinear optical fibers
  79. Active propagation and cut-off for low TM modes in a nonlinear nematic waveguide
  80. Effect of low momentum quantum fluctuations on a coherent field structure
  81. Soliton-effect compression and dispersive radiation
  82. Soliton evolution and radiation loss for the sine-Gordon equation
  83. Modulation solutions for the Benjamin–Ono equation
  84. Optimization of soliton amplitude in dispersion-decreasing nonlinear optical fibers
  85. Pulse evolution for marangoni-bénard convection
  86. Approximate evolution of lump initial conditions for the Benjamin-Ono equation
  87. Solitary waves in nonlinear dispersive systems with zero average dispersion
  88. Effect of radiative loss on pulses in periodically inhomogeneous birefringent optical fibers
  89. Dispersive radiation and nonlinear twin-core fibers
  90. A numerical method for predicting crystal micro-structure
  91. Evolution of lump solutions for the KP equation
  92. Effect of radiation losses on hotspot formation and propagation in microwave heating
  93. Soliton interaction for the extended Korteweg-de Vries equation
  94. Soliton evolution and radiation loss for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  95. Soliton evolution and radiation loss for the Korteweg–de Vries equation
  96. Resonant splitting of a vector soliton in a periodically inhomogeneous birefringent optical fiber
  97. Microwave heating of materials with power law temperature dependencies
  98. Microwave Heating of Materials with Nonohmic Conductance
  99. Resonant shape oscillations and decay of a soliton in a periodically inhomogeneous nonlinear optical fiber
  100. Microwave Heating of Materials with Low Conductivity
  101. Initial-Boundary Value Problems for the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
  102. The extended Korteweg-de Vries equation and the resonant flow of a fluid over topography
  103. Propagation of flame fronts
  104. Microwave heating of bodies with temperature dependent properties
  105. Dissipative effects on the resonant flow of a stratified fluid over topography
  106. Hydraulic Jump and Undular Bore Formation on a Shelf Break
  107. Mean flow induced by the viscous critical layer in a stratified fluid
  108. High-Order Nonlinear Diffusion
  109. Modulation Theory Solution for Resonant Flow Over Topography
  110. Numerical shock propagation using geometrical shock dynamics
  111. Resonant flow of a stratified fluid over topography