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  1. Supply Chain Flexibility and Post-pandemic Resilience
  2. Effect of lean-green practice and green human resource on supply chain performance: a resource-based view
  3. Contextual relationships in Juran’s quality principles for business sustainable growth under circular economy perspective: a decision support system approach
  4. Integrated blockchain and internet of things in the food supply chain: Adoption barriers
  5. Critical human and behavioral factors on the adoption of sustainable supply chain management practices in the context of automobile industry
  6. Impact of human resource management practices on TQM: an ISM-DEMATEL approach
  7. Moving the circular economy forward in the mining industry: Challenges to closed-loop in an emerging economy
  8. Insights from systematic literature review of supply chain resilience and disruption
  9. Multi-criteria decision-making toward supplier selection: exploration of PROMETHEE II method
  10. Ranking the Determinants for International Education Destination Decision of Indian Students: Application of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process
  11. Modelling the enablers of food supply chain for reduction in carbon footprint
  12. Doctoral abstract
  13. Technological transformation through electronic reverse auction: A case of GSCSC, India
  14. Modeling enablers of knowledge management process using multi criteria decision making approach
  15. Benchmarking efficiency of Indian retailers using parametric and non-parametric approach
  16. A framework for Crosby’s quality principles using ISM and MICMAC approaches
  17. Modeling Deming’s quality principles to improve performance using interpretive structural modeling and MICMAC analysis