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  1. Greylag Goose Optimization: Nature-inspired optimization algorithm
  2. A novel version of whale optimization algorithm for solving optimization problems
  3. Guided whale optimization algorithm (guided WOA) with its application
  4. Multi-objective archived-based whale optimization algorithm
  5. Whale optimization algorithm for optimization of truss structures with multiple frequency constraints
  6. A crossover-based multi-objective discrete particle swarm optimization model for solving multi-modal routing problems
  7. Evaluating GFRP bars under axial compression and quantifying load-damage correlation
  8. An Optimized Model Based on Deep Learning and Gated Recurrent Unit for COVID-19 Death Prediction
  9. Optimizing HCV Disease Prediction in Egypt: The hyOPTGB Framework
  10. Characterization Specifications for FRP Pultruded Materials: From Constituents to Pultruded Profiles
  11. A comparison performance analysis of eight meta-heuristic algorithms for optimal design of truss structures with static constraints
  12. Diagnosis of Monkeypox Disease Using Transfer Learning and Binary Advanced Dipper Throated Optimization Algorithm
  13. Classification of Breast Cancer Using Transfer Learning and Advanced Al-Biruni Earth Radius Optimization
  14. Optimizing Truss Structures Using Composite Materials under Natural Frequency Constraints with a New Hybrid Algorithm Based on Cuckoo Search and Stochastic Paint Optimizer (CSSPO)
  15. Improved Dipper-Throated Optimization for Forecasting Metamaterial Design Bandwidth for Engineering Applications
  16. Waterwheel Plant Algorithm: A Novel Metaheuristic Optimization Method
  17. Multi-objective chaos game optimization
  18. Metaheuristics for clustering problems
  19. Space truss structures’ optimization using metaheuristic optimization algorithms
  20. BAOA: Binary Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm With K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Feature Selection
  21. Synergistic Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  22. Deep Learning with Dipper Throated Optimization Algorithm for Energy Consumption Forecasting in Smart Households
  23. Metaheuristic Optimization for Improving Weed Detection in Wheat Images Captured by Drones
  24. An Al-Biruni Earth Radius Optimization-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Classifying Monkeypox Disease
  25. Advanced Dipper-Throated Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithm for Digital Image Watermarking
  26. Meta-Heuristic Optimization of LSTM-Based Deep Network for Boosting the Prediction of Monkeypox Cases
  27. Classification of Monkeypox Images Based on Transfer Learning and the Al-Biruni Earth Radius Optimization Algorithm
  28. MOAVOA: a new multi-objective artificial vultures optimization algorithm
  29. Meta-Heuristic Optimization and Keystroke Dynamics for Authentication of Smartphone Users
  30. Multi-objective Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm for Engineering Problems
  31. Design Optimization of Photonic Crystal Filter Using Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm
  32. Optimal Design of Truss Structures with Continuous Variable Using Moth-Flame Optimization
  33. Multi-objective Stochastic Paint Optimizer (MOSPO)
  34. MOTEO: a novel multi-objective thermal exchange optimization algorithm for engineering problems
  35. Truss optimization with natural frequency constraints using generalized normal distribution optimization
  36. An Archive-Based Multi-Objective Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Solving Industrial Engineering Problems
  37. Dynamic Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Truss Optimization Under Natural Frequency Constraints
  38. Multi-Objective Material Generation Algorithm (MOMGA) for Optimization Purposes
  39. MOTEO: A Novel Multi-Objective Thermal Exchange Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Design of Truss Structures
  40. Multi-Objective Crystal Structure Algorithm (MOCryStAl): Introduction and Performance Evaluation
  41. Stochastic paint optimizer: theory and application in civil engineering
  42. Dynamic Water Strider Algorithm for Optimal Design of Skeletal Structures
  43. The Hybrid Invasive Weed Optimization-Shuffled Frog-leaping Algorithm Applied to Optimal Design of Frame Structures