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  1. “Learning on a chip:” Microfluidics for formal and informal science education
  2. Fabrication of tailorable pH responsive cationic amphiphilic microgels on a microfluidic device for drug release
  3. Tailoring pH-responsive acrylic acid microgels with hydrophobic crosslinks for drug release
  4. Sputtering for Film Deposition
  5. Diamagnetic repulsion of particles for multilaminar flow assays
  6. Bioanalytical Chemistry
  7. On-Chip Determination of C-Reactive Protein Using Magnetic Particles in Continuous Flow
  8. Advances in processes for PET radiotracer synthesis: Separation of [18F]fluoride from enriched [18O]water
  9. Phaseguide assisted liquid lamination for magnetic particle-based assays
  10. Sputtering for Film Deposition
  11. Microfluidics
  12. On-chip processing of particles and cells via multilaminar flow streams
  13. Microfluidic device for the rapid coating of magnetic cells with polyelectrolytes
  14. Purification of 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose by on-chip solid-phase extraction
  15. Radiochemistry on chip: towards dose-on-demand synthesis of PET radiopharmaceuticals
  16. Simultaneous trapping of magnetic and diamagnetic particle plugs for separations and bioassays
  17. Comparison of Photo-oxidation Reactions in Batch and a New Photosensitizer-Immobilized Microfluidic Device
  18. On-chip bioanalysis with magnetic particles
  19. Microfluidic devices in superconducting magnets: on-chip free-flow diamagnetophoresis of polymer particles and bubbles
  20. Magnetic Nanoparticles in Lab-on-a-Chip Devices
  21. Integrated DNA extraction and amplification using electrokinetic pumping in a microfluidic device
  22. Microfluidic platforms for performing surface-based clinical assays
  23. On-chip pre-concentration and complexation of [18F]fluoride ions via regenerable anion exchange particles for radiochemical synthesis of Positron Emission Tomography tracers
  24. Flow focussing of particles and cells based on their intrinsic properties using a simple diamagnetic repulsion setup
  25. Cell sorting by endocytotic capacity in a microfluidic magnetophoresis device
  26. Microscreening toxicity system based on living magnetic yeast and gradient chips
  27. Book Review: Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques
  28. Rapid, multistep on-chip DNA hybridisation in continuous flow on magnetic particles
  29. Sorting and Manipulation of Magnetic Droplets in Continuous Flow
  30. Diamagnetic repulsion—A versatile tool for label-free particle handling in microfluidic devices
  31. The importance of particle type selection and temperature control for on-chip free-flow magnetophoresis
  32. Mobile magnetic particles as solid-supports for rapid surface-based bioanalysis in continuous flow
  33. On-chip diamagnetic repulsion in continuous flow
  34. Simultaneous bioassays in a microfluidic channel on plugs of different magnetic particles
  35. Rapid on-chip multi-step (bio)chemical procedures in continuous flow – manoeuvring particles through co-laminar reagent streams
  36. Continuous flow separations in microfluidic devices
  37. On-chip free-flow magnetophoresis: Separation and detection of mixtures of magnetic particles in continuous flow
  38. Bonding of soda-lime glass microchips at low temperature
  39. Bonding of Soda-Lime Glass Microchips at Low Temperature
  40. Magnetism and microfluidics
  41. Continuous sorting of magnetic cells via on-chip free-flow magnetophoresis
  42. A. Manz, N. Pamme, D. Iossifidis: Bioanalytical chemistry
  43. On-Chip Free-Flow Magnetophoresis:  Continuous Flow Separation of Magnetic Particles and Agglomerates
  44. Bioanalytical Chemistry
  45. Counting and sizing of particles and particle agglomerates in a microfluidic device using laser light scattering: application to a particle-enhanced immunoassay
  46. Free-Flow Magnetophoresis — Separation of Magnetic Microparticles and Agglomerates on Chip
  47. Analysis of polynitrophenols and hexyl by liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry using atmospheric pressure ionisation methods and a volatile ion-pairing reagent