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  1. Synthesis and adsorption properties of nanocrystalline ferrites for kinetic modeling development
  2. A specific device for enhanced measurement of mechanical dissipation in specimens subjected to long-term tensile tests in fatigue
  3. Characterization of the Surfaces Obtained by Gouging
  4. NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Used for Multiple-Resetting Actuator for Fire Protection
  5. New metallic material based on iron with damping capacity
  6. Improvement of Structural Characteristics for CuZn Alloy through Heat Treatments
  7. Obtaining of Fe-Base Biodegradable Metallic Alloy
  8. Damping Capacity of Metallic Materials for Automotive Industry
  9. Quality Control of Thin Films Deposited on Special Steels Used in Hydraulic Blades
  10. Quantification of Fe-Base Alloy Degradation after Immersion Test
  11. Chromium Addition Effect on Wear Properties of Cast-Iron Material
  12. Preliminary Results on Microstructural, Chemical and Wear Analyze of New Cast Iron with Chromium Addition
  13. Preliminary Results of FeMnSi+Si(PLD) Alloy Degradation