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  1. Influence of Silicon Carbide/Graphite addition on properties of AA6082 reinforced composites
  2. Mechanical characteristics and bioactivity of porous Ni50−xTi50Cux (x = 0, 5 and 10) prepared by P/M
  3. Surface modification of WC-Co alloy using Al and Si powder through WEDM: A thermal erosion process
  4. RSM- and NSGA-II-Based Multiple Performance Characteristics Optimization of EDM Parameters for AISI 5160
  5. Porosity exploration of SMA by Taguchi, regression analysis and genetic programming
  6. Fabrication of 6061 aluminum alloy reinforced with Si3N4/n-Gr and its wear performance optimization using integrated RSM-GA
  7. Physical and tribological characteristics of porous NiTi SMA fabricated by powder metallurgy
  8. Thermal analysis of FGM plate
  9. WEDM of nickel based aerospace alloy: optimization of process parameters and modelling
  10. Fabrication of NiTi alloy: A review
  11. WEDM process variables investigation for HSLA by response surface methodology and genetic algorithm
  12. Multiple performance characteristics optimization for Al 7075 on electric discharge drilling by Taguchi grey relational theory
  13. Parameter optimization and experimental study on wire electrical discharge machining of porous Ni40Ti60 alloy
  14. An experimental investigation and optimization of friction stir welding process for AA6082 T6 (cryogenic treated and untreated) using an integrated approach of Taguchi, grey relational analysis and entropy method
  15. Microstructural Evaluation of NiTi-powder, Steatite, and Steel Balls After Different Milling Conditions
  16. Applications of Nickel-Titanium Alloy
  17. Prediction of residual tensile strength model after drilling on coconut-husk fibre reinforced plastic by response surface and genetic algorithm
  18. Modeling and Parametric Investigation of WEDM for D-2 Tool Steel Using RSM and GA
  19. Modelling the WEDM Process Parameters for Cryogenic Treated D-2 Tool Steel by Integrated RSM and GA
  20. Multi Quality Characteristics Of WEDM Process Parameters with RSM
  21. Gene prediction using FIR filter
  22. Modeling and multiresponse optimization on WEDM for HSLA by RSM
  23. Effect of Process Parameters on Kerf Width in WEDM for HSLA Using Response Surface Methodology