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  1. Medicinal Value of Atropa belladonna L.: A Therapeutic Approach against Various Diseases
  2. Polymeric Precipitation Inhibitor Based Supersaturable Self-microemulsifying Drug Delivery System of Canagliflozin: Optimization and Evaluation
  3. Expression of miRNA in Regulating Cancer: Role of Phytoconstituents
  4. Role of Melatonin - A Signaling Molecule in Modulation of Antioxidant Defense System in Plants: Amelioration of Drought and Salinity Stress
  5. Role of Porous Carriers in the Biopharmaceutical Performance of Solid SMEDDS of Canagliflozin
  6. Aprepitant Loaded Self-microemulsion Preconcentrates for Enhanced Solubility and Bioavailability: A Design
  7. Nanoparticle based topical drug delivery in the treatment of psoriasis
  8. Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis: Current Status and Future Prospects
  9. ternary inclusion complexes of rifaximin with β-cyclodextrin and sodium deoxycholate