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  1. A fast method to measure the evaporation rate
  2. Understanding the coupling between the moisture loss and surface temperature in an evaporating leaf-type surface
  3. Numerical Investigation of Effects of G-Jitter on Buoyant Laminar Diffusion Flame
  4. Have you wondered why face-packs become hard after they lose moisture? Find the answer here.
  5. Wicking ability and cooling performance of a stack of packed capillaries.
  6. Moisture transfer driven by particle size contrast
  7. Seasonal evaporative characteristic from soils
  8. The study focused on understanding evaporation from a periodic array of line sources of water.
  9. Experimental investigation of effect of orientation and surface roughness on drying of porous media consisting of rods
  10. Burning, Fluttering, and Extinguishing of a Candle Flame in a Tube
  11. Sustained high evaporation rates from porous media consisting of packed circular rods
  12. Evaporation From Layered Porous Medium in the Presence of Infrared Heating
  13. Evaporation From Confined Porous Media Due to Controlled IR Heating From Above
  14. Natural Convection Driven Evaporation from a Water Surface