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  1. Newly Identified Regulators of Ovarian Folliculogenesis and Ovulation
  2. High cGMP and low PDE3A activity are associated with oocyte meiotic incompetence
  3. Polar Body Extrusion and Ovulation
  4. Appropriate expression of Ube2C and Ube2S controls the progression of the first meiotic division
  5. Implantation: Mutual Activity of Sex Steroid Hormones and the Immune System Guarantee the Maternal–Embryo Interaction
  6. Blastocyst implantation failure relates to impaired translational machinery gene expression
  7. New Insights into the Ubiquitin-proteasome Pathway in Oocytes Resuming Meiosis.
  8. Preparation and evaluation of oocytes for ICSI
  9. Epithelial Cell Transforming Protein 2 (ECT2) Depletion Blocks Polar Body Extrusion and Generates Mouse Oocytes Containing Two Metaphase II Spindles
  10. REVIEW ARTICLE: Inflammation and Implantation
  11. Master Regulators of Female Fertility
  12. Maturation Promoting Factor Governs the First Polar Body Extrusion Through the ECT2-RhoA-ROCK Signaling Pathway in Mouse Oocytes.
  13. Ncoa7B: A Novel LH-Dependent Oxidation Resistance Protein?
  14. Inhibition of Rat Oocyte Maturation and Ovulation by Nitric Oxide: Mechanism of Action1
  15. Cloprostenol, a prostaglandin F2α analog, induces hypoxia in rat placenta: BOLD contrast MRI
  16. Cytoplasmic polyadenylation controls cdc25B mRNA translation in rat oocytes resuming meiosis
  17. Disruption of Gap Junctional Communication within the Ovarian Follicle Induces Oocyte Maturation
  18. Cellular, biochemical and molecular mechanisms regulating oocyte maturation
  19. Luteinizing Hormone-Induced Connexin 43 Down-Regulation: Inhibition of Translation
  20. Molecular control of meiosis
  21. Molecular Mechanisms in Ovulation
  22. Fertilization and early development of rat oocytes induced to mature by forskolin
  23. Prolactin as a Possible Modulator of Gonadotropin Action on the Ovary
  24. Dissociation between the inhibitory and the stimulatory action of cAMP on maturation of rat oocytes
  25. Interaction Between the Oocyte and the Granulosa Cells in the Preovulatory Follicle
  26. Hormonal Control of Ovulation
  27. Regulation of Oocyte Maturation