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  1. Factors associated with police contact in veterans with PTSD.
  2. Psychological outcomes following sexual assault: Differences by sexual assault setting.
  3. Clinical effectiveness study of a treatment to prepare for trauma-focused evidence-based psychotherapies at a veterans affairs specialty posttraumatic stress disorder clinic.
  4. Development and validation of the Durham Risk Score for estimating suicide attempt risk: A prospective cohort analysis
  5. Career versus volunteer firefighters: Differences in perceived availability and barriers to behavioral health care.
  6. A prospective study of firefighters’ PTSD and depression symptoms: The first 3 years of service.
  7. An examination of the interactive effects of different types of childhood abuse and perceived social support on suicidal ideation
  8. Initial validation of a brief measure of distress tolerance in post-9/11 US Veterans
  9. Does deployment-related military sexual assault interact with combat exposure to predict posttraumatic stress disorder in female veterans?
  10. A Test of Whether Coping Styles Moderate the Effect of PTSD Symptoms on Alcohol Outcomes
  11. Deliberate Self‐Harm and Suicidal Ideation Among Male Iraq/Afghanistan‐Era Veterans Seeking Treatment for PTSD