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  1. A simple method to tune the composition and surface energies of nonwood nanofibers
  2. Nanocellulose from Spinifex as an Effective Adsorbent to Remove Cadmium(II) from Water
  3. Long and thin cellulose nanofibrils from spinifex grass by controlled acid hydrolysis
  4. Cellulose Nanofibers to modify the rheology and enhance carbonization efficiency of PAN
  5. Reinforcement of natural rubber latex by spinifex nanofiber
  6. Nanotechnology and the Dreamtime knowledge of spinifex grass
  7. Force Spectroscopy for Measuring Adhesive Forces between Nanofibers
  8. Scalable reactive extrusion of TPU nanocomposites with spinifex nanocellulose
  9. High aspect ratio nanofibres from spinifex grass through various mechanical fibrillation methods
  10. Erratum to “Optimization of resin extraction from an Australian arid grass ‘Triodia pungens’ and its preliminary evaluation as an anti-termite timber coating” [Ind. Crops Prod. 59 (2014) 241–247]
  11. High aspect ratio cellulose nanofibres from spinifex grass of Australia
  12. Spinifex resin as anti-termite material for timber
  13. Structural characterization and mechanical properties of electrospun silk fibroin nanofiber mats
  14. Effects of some electrospinning parameters on morphology of natural silk-based nanofibers
  15. Electrospinning of silk nanofibers. I. An investigation of nanofiber morphology and process optimization using response surface methodology
  16. Evaluation of reinforcement on the mechanical behavior of partially bonded fiber/matrix interface