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  1. Invasive fungi explain the invasion success of pines
  2. Importance of invasion mechanisms varies with abiotic context and plant invader growth form
  3. Invasive ectomycorrhizal fungi can disperse in the absence of their known vectors
  4. Back to Roots: The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Boreal and Temperate Forest Restoration
  5. Native and non-native trees can find compatible mycorrhizal partners in each other’s dominated areas
  6. Ectomycorrhizal Plant-Fungal Co-invasions as Natural Experiments for Connecting Plant and Fungal Traits to Their Ecosystem Consequences
  7. Increase in nonnative understorey vegetation cover after nonnative conifer removal and passive restoration
  8. The interplay between propagule pressure, seed predation and ectomycorrhizal fungi in plant invasion
  9. Suilloid fungi as global drivers of pine invasions
  10. Is prescribed fire a suitable management tool to reduce shrub encroachment in palm savannas?
  11. From Biocultural Homogenization to Biocultural Conservation
  12. Pathogen accumulation cannot undo the impact of invasive species
  13. Still no evidence that pathogen accumulation can revert the impact of invasive plant species
  14. Ecology and management of invasive Pinaceae around the world: progress and challenges
  15. AFLP characterization of three argentine <I>Coprotus</I> species