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  1. Non-Sliding Window Decoding of Braided Convolutional Codes
  2. Construction Methods and Performance Evaluation of Regular LDPC Convolutional Codes
  3. A new colour image encryption approach using a combination of two 1D chaotic map
  4. Chaotic behavior of classical logistic chaotic map for image encryption.
  5. Color Image Encryption Scheme Based on Enhanced Quadratic Chaotic Map
  6. Color Image Encryption Using Logistic Map and Quadratic Map Systems
  7. Image Encryption Using an Enhanced Logistic Map
  8. Securing digital information using the Rakaposhi system
  9. Image encryption using stream cipher algorithm.
  10. A stopping criteria for turbo decoding
  11. Image Encryption Using Stream Cipher Algorithm with Nonlinear Filtering Function
  12. Image encryption using stream cipher algorithm with nonlinear filtering function
  13. polymer-based gas sensor