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  1. Influence of low temperature on white light emission from graphene-based microchip
  2. Laser induced white emission of diamond
  3. Laser induced broadband Vis and NIR emission from Yb:YAG nanopowders
  4. Laser induced broad band white emission from transparent Cr4+:YAG ceramics
  5. Optical spectra and gain properties of Er3+:Lu2O3 ceramics for eye-safe 1.5- μm lasers
  6. Infrared laser stimulated broadband white emission of transparent Cr:YAG ceramics
  7. Upconversion luminescence in Cr3+:YAG single crystal under infrared excitation
  8. Influence of CaO and SiO2 additives on the sintering behavior of Cr,Ca:YAG ceramics prepared by solid-state reaction sintering
  9. Dynamics of Yb2+ to Yb3+ ion valence transformations in Yb:YAG ceramics used for high-power lasers
  10. Effects of divalent dopants on the microstructure and conversion efficiency of Cr4+ ions in Cr,Me:YAG (Me - Ca, Mg, Ca/Mg) transparent ceramics
  11. Kinetics of Cr valence transformations and intra-lattice cation exchange of Cr4+ in Cr:YAG ceramics
  12. The role of Ca2+ ions in the formation of high optical quality Cr4+,Ca:YAG ceramics
  13. Mixed ZnSxSe1-x crystals for digital radiography detectors
  14. Influence of Cr doping on the phase composition of Cr,Ca:YAG ceramics by solid state reaction sintering
  15. Influence of calcium concentration on formation of tetravalent chromium doped Y 3 Al 5 O 12 ceramics
  16. Mixed ZnSxSe1–x Crystals as a Possible Material for Alpha-Particle and X-ray Detectors
  17. Optical, thermal, strength properties and SHG efficiency of KDP single crystals doped with N,N′-dimethyl urea
  18. Band Gap Change of Bulk ZnSxSe1–x Semiconductors by Controlling the Sulfur Content
  19. Influence of Ca and Mg doping on the microstructure and optical properties of YAG ceramics
  20. Spectral-Luminescence Characteristics of Laser Dyes in a Calcined Xerogel
  21. Mutual influence of additives of Ca and Si on properties of Cr-doped YAG ceramics
  22. Specialities of spectral-fluorescent behaviour of some red laser dyes in annealed silica xerogel
  23. Morphology of lead sulfide crystalline particles in size-limited state
  24. Revealing the morphological peculiarities of Y3Al5O12:Nd laser ceramics by ion beam sputtering