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  1. Sciatic nerve palsy secondary to heterotopic bone formation occurred after surgery for posterior acetabulum fracture and hip dislocation
  2. Gluteal compartment syndrome developing after nephrectomy and incisional hernia surgery
  3. Isolated Tuberculosis of Capitate and Triquetrum
  4. Outcome of transtibial AperFix system in anterior cruciate ligament injuries
  5. A Clue Finding for to Detect the Localization of Pellet in Elbow Arthroscopy
  6. Outcomes of trochanteric femoral fractures treated with proximal femoral nail: an analysis of 100 consecutive cases
  7. Pseudoaneurysm discovered during reverse radial forearm flap after a gunshot injury: a case report
  8. Adventitious Bursitis Overlying an Osteochondroma of the Humerus Facing the Thoracic Wall
  9. Monoplanar versus biplanar medial open-wedge proximal tibial osteotomy for varus gonarthrosis: a comparison of clinical and radiological outcomes
  10. Hydatid Cyst in the Biceps and Gluteus Muscles: Case Report