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  1. Evolutionary trend analysis of nanogenerator research based on a novel perspective of phased bibliographic coupling
  2. Explore the research front of a specific research theme based on a novel technique of enhanced co-word analysis
  3. An exploration to visualise the emerging trends of technology foresight based on an improved technique of co-word analysis and relevant literature data of WOS
  4. A Conceptual Framework of Tech Mining Engineering to Enhance the Planning of Future Innovation Pathway (FIP)
  5. Efficiency improvement of ant colony optimization in solving the moderate LTSP
  6. A novel three-dimension perspective to explore technology evolution
  7. Three-Dimensional Path Planning of Robots in Virtual Situations Based on an Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm
  8. Co-Opetition Pricing Game of Industrial Clusters based on Incomplete Information Cournot Model
  9. A Novel Method of Model Composite in Decision Support System
  10. An improved semantic entropy maximum model and its applications