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  1. Risky business: medical students’ feedback-seeking behaviours: a mixed methods study
  2. Examining the approach to medical remediation programmes—an observational study
  3. “Tell me what is ‘better’!” How medical students experience feedback, through the lens of self-regulatory learning
  4. How to make the most of feedback in training
  5. Self–regulatory learning theory as a lens on how undergraduate and postgraduate learners respond to feedback: A BEME scoping review: BEME Guide No. 66
  6. Design and Evaluation of a New National Pharmacy Internship Program in Ireland
  7. EBIR Evolution: Meeting the Challenge for Twenty-First-Century IR
  8. The European Board of Interventional Radiology Examination: A Cross-Sectional Web-Based Survey
  9. Informatics in Radiology: Evaluation of an e-Learning Platform for Teaching Medical Students Competency in Ordering Radiologic Examinations
  10. Priorities for the alpha-1 community: The physicians perspective