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  1. Outward foreign investment performance, digital transformation, and ESG performance in China
  2. ESG disclosure and internal pay gap: Empirical evidence from China
  3. Green cryptocurrencies and portfolio diversification in the era of greener paths
  4. Corporate strategic responses, supplier concentration and sustainable growth of Chinese listed firms
  5. Green bonds issuance, innovation performance, and corporate value: Empirical evidence from China
  6. ESG disclosure and technological innovation capabilities of the Chinese listed companies
  7. Management equity incentives and corporate tax avoidance: Moderating role of the internal control
  8. ESG Disclosure and Internal Pay Gap: Empirical Evidence from China
  9. Can Green Innovation Affect ESG Ratings and Financial Performance? Evidence from China
  10. Predictability of extreme daily returns and Preference for lottery-like stocks in an emerging market
  12. The Five-Factor Asset Pricing Model Tests and Profitability and Investment Premiums: Evidence from Pakistan
  13. Comparative Analysis of Technical Eciency for Islamic versus Conventional Banks and its Determinants in Pakistan
  14. Association of Mutual Fund Risk Measures and Return Parameters: (A Juxtapose of Ranking for Performance in Pakistan)
  15. Sensitivity Analysis of Macroeconomic Forces and Sectoral Returns: Evidence from Energy and Textile Sectors of Pakistan
  16. Data Envelopment Analysis and Tobit Analysis for Firm Efficiency in Perspective of Working Capital Management in Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan
  17. Modeling Leverage Dynamics and Corporate Financial Policies (Empirical Evidence from Industrial Sector of Pakistan)
  18. Comparative Analysis of Technical Efficiency for Islamic versus Conventional Banks and Its Determinants in Pakistan
  19. Factors Effecting Systematic Risk in Isolation vs. Pooled Estimation: Empirical Evidence from Banking, Insurance, and Non-Financial Sectors of Pakistan