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  1. Experimental and Theoretical Study of Gallium–Doped Cerium Electrolyte for Fuel Cells
  2. Adhesives that debond on electrical stimulis
  3. Boron-based bioactive glasses: Properties, processing, characterization and applications
  4. Covalent Organic Frameworks as Adsorbents for Organic pollutants
  5. Vegetable oils as bio-based precursors for epoxies
  6. Catalyst-free synthesis of Biobased Polyurethane Plasticizer
  7. Environment Friendly Manufacturing of Plastic/Polymeric Materials
  8. Physisorption and chemisorption trends in surface modification of carbon black
  9. Controlled cationic curing of epoxy composites with photochemically modified silanol encapsulated carbon black
  10. Review—Biowaste as a Source of Conductive Carbon
  11. Surface modification and characterization of waste derived carbon particles to reinforce photo-cured shape memory composites
  12. Polyurethane polystyrene based smart interpenetrating network with quick shape recovery through thermal actuation
  13. Qualitative and quantitative impact of filler on thermomechanical properties of epoxy composites
  14. Experimental evaluation of sustainable geopolymer mortars developed from loam natural soil
  15. Electrochemical Evaluation of Human Hair Derived Carbon Particles
  16. Electrochemical evaluation of textile industry waste derived carbon particles for UV-cured epoxy composites
  17. Review—Surface Modification of Carbon Nanotubes: A Tool to Control Electrochemical Performance
  18. Experimental exploration of SMART photochemical approach for surface modification of carbon black
  19. Facile Oxidation Approach to Amend Surface Chemistry of Carbon Particles for Augmented Dispersion in Epoxy Matrix
  20. Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide as an Efficient Support for Ruthenium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols and Amines
  21. Surface modification of filler particle with light
  22. Effect of novel UV-curing approach on thermo-mechanical properties of colored epoxy composites in outsized dimensions
  23. Cationically UV-Cured Epoxy Composites
  24. Preparation of antifog and antibacterial coatings by photopolymerization
  25. Modification and characterization of carbon black with mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane