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  1. Intralesional injection of the calcium channel blocker Verapamil in Peyronie's disease: A critical review
  2. vgets: A command to estimate general-to-specific VARs, Granger causality, steady-state effects, and cumulative impulse–responses
  3. Labour market discrimination and the macroeconomy
  4. The End of Tenure? Not Really!
  5. Employment discrimination in a former Soviet Union Republic: Evidence from a field experiment
  6. The effects of (different types of) immigrants on labor market outcomes of (different groups of) natives
  7. The effects of military service on future earnings in the civilian labor market
  8. The cycle of violence in the Second Intifada: Causality in nonlinear vector autoregressive models
  9. Local human capital formation and optimal FDI
  10. Recessions are good for nothing; the effect on public health is no exception--or worse still.
  11. The Effect of Immigration on Unskilled Native Workers: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
  12. Sobre los efectos de la inversión extranjera directa en la formación de capital humano
  14. Chapter 1. Inter-country Comparisons of Income Poverty Based on a Capability Approach