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  1. Effect of time patterns in mining process invariants for industrial control systems: an experimental study
  2. Machine learning for intrusion detection in industrial control systems: Applications, challenges, and recommendations
  3. A Conceptual Analysis of IoT in Healthcare
  4. Attack Rules
  5. FPGA-Based Time-Domain Channel Estimation in Gaussian Mixture Model
  6. A ubiquitous wheelchair fall detection system using low-cost embedded inertial sensors and unsupervised one-class SVM
  7. Role of Machine Learning in Weather Related Event Predictions for a Smart City
  8. Machine Learning for CPS Security: Applications, Challenges and Recommendations
  9. IoT based Linear Models Analysis for Demand-Side Management of Energy in Residential Buildings
  10. A Hybrid Approach for the Recommendation of Scholarly Journals
  11. Application of IoT and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for Monitoring of Underground Coal Mines
  12. An Application of IoT and Machine Learning to Air Pollution Monitoring in Smart Cities
  13. An Application Framework of Crowdsourcing based Emergency Events Reporting in Smart Cities
  14. Skin depth verification of the electromagnetic waves for offshore hydrocarbon detection
  15. Pilot-Based Time Domain SNR Estimation for Broadcasting OFDM Systems
  16. An implementation of IoT-based microwave sensing system for the evaluation of tissues moisture
  17. An iBeacon based Real-time context-aware e-healthcare system
  18. An investigation of energy efficiency in 5G wireless networks
  19. Noise power estimation for broadcasting OFDM systems
  20. A cyclic correlation-based time domain channel estimation scheme
  21. Non-destructive Microwave Sensor
  22. A Microwave Ring-Resonator Sensor for Non-Invasive Assessment of Meat Aging
  23. Determination of size-independent effective permittivity of an overlay material using microstrip ring resonator
  24. Dielectric characterization of meat using enhanced coupled ring-resonator
  25. An improved design of microwave biosensor for measurement of tissues moisture
  26. Dielectric method for determination of fat content at 1 GHz frequency
  27. Microstrip ring resonator based sensing technique for meat quality