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  1. Measles hepatitis in a vaccinated liver transplant recipient: case report and review of literature
  2. Reexamination of the relationship between the prevalence of hepatitis C virus and parenteral antischistosomal therapy among Egyptians resident in Qatar
  3. Uncommon gastrointestinal complications of enteric fever in a non-endemic country
  4. The predictive value of IL28B rs12979860, rs11881222 and rs8099917 polymorphisms and IP-10 in the therapeutic response of Egyptian genotype 4 patients
  5. Genetic polymorphisms of ICAM 1 and IL28 as predictors of liver fibrosis severity and viral clearance in hepatitis C genotype 4
  6. Interleukin-28 and hepatitis C virus genotype-4: Treatment-induced clearance and liver fibrosis
  7. 233 Early Detection of Hepatitis C Using a One Minute Visual Qualitative Based Kit System in a Community Based Setting in Doha, Qatar
  8. Microalbuminuria in hepatitis C-genotype 4: Effect of pegylated interferon and ribavirin
  9. Hepatocellular carcinoma in Hepatitis C genotype 4 after viral clearance and in absence of cirrhosis: two case reports