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  1. Heat Transfer Augmentation in Solar Collectors Using Nanofluids: A Review
  2. Duct Aided Wind Turbines- CFD Simulations and Experimental Measurements
  3. Surface temperature effects on the compressible flow past a rotating cylinder
  4. Novel Curtain Design for Wind Turbine
  5. Numerical investigation of front-wall inclination effects on the hydrodynamic performance of a fixed oscillation water column wave energy converter
  6. Application of a fictitious domain method in numerical simulation of an oscillating wave surge converter
  7. A numerical study on drag reduction of underwater vehicles using hydrophobic surfaces
  8. Numerical study on the geometrical parameters affecting the aerodynamic performance of Invelox
  9. A nonlinear computational modeling of wave energy converters: A tethered point absorber and a bottom-hinged flap device
  10. A three dimensional simulation of a rubber curing process considering variable order of reaction
  11. Heat transfer characteristics of slip flow over solid spheres
  12. A Numerical Study on the Performance of Fixed Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter at Steep Waves
  13. Numerical and experimental investigation of a three dimensional spherical-nose projectile water entry problem
  14. Numerical simulation of a submerged cylindrical wave energy converter
  15. Fully nonlinear viscous wave generation in numerical wave tanks
  16. Slip flow over micron-sized spherical particles at intermediate Reynolds numbers
  17. Experimental comparison of the ability of Dalton based and similarity theory correlations to predict water evaporation rate in different convection regimes
  18. Blade Curve Influences on Performance of Savonius Rotors: Experimental and Numerical