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  1. Adsorption of Rhodamine B dye from aqueous solution onto acid treated banana peel: Response surface methodology, kinetics and isotherm studies
  2. Enhanced bioremediation of toxic metals and harvesting electricity through sediment microbial fuel cell
  4. Titanium-based nanocomposite materials: A review of recent advances and perspectives
  5. Chemically oxidized pineapple fruit peel for the biosorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions
  6. Recent advances in new generation dye removal technologies: novel search for approaches to reprocess wastewater
  7. Degradation of cationic and anionic dyes in coagulation–flocculation process using bi-functionalized silica hybrid with aluminum-ferric as auxiliary agent
  8. Polyaniline supported nanocomposite cation exchanger: Synthesis, characterization and applications for the efficient removal of Pb2+ ion from aqueous medium
  9. Potentiality of Palm Oil Biomass with Cow Dung for compost production
  10. Optimization of Polyaniline Supported Ti(IV) Arsenophosphate Composite Cation Exchanger Based Ion-Selective Membrane Electrode for the Determination of Lead
  11. Preparation of polyaniline based nanocomposite material and their environmental applications
  12. Identification of anaerobic microbial communities for the treatment of palm oil mill wastewater
  13. Volatile fatty acid and biogas profile in the anaerobic degradation process of palm oil mill wastewater
  14. Isolation and characterization of arsenic resistant bacteria from wastewater
  15. Application of chitosan and its derivatives as adsorbents for dye removal from water and wastewater: A review
  16. A review on composting of oil palm biomass
  17. Uptake of Reactive Black 5 by pumice and walnut activated carbon: Chemistry and adsorption mechanisms
  18. Isolation and characterization of Cd-resistant bacteria from industrial wastewater
  19. Coagulation-flocculation of azo dye Acid Orange 7 with green refined laterite soil
  20. Start-Up Operation and Hydraulic Retention Time Selectivity for Palm Oil Mill Wastewater at Mesophilic Temperature in Anaerobic Suspended Growth Closed Bioreactor
  21. Isolation, identification, characterization, and evaluation of cadmium removal capacity ofEnterobacterspecies
  22. Methane gas production from palm oil wastewater—An anaerobic methanogenic degradation process in continuous stirrer suspended closed anaerobic reactor
  23. A comparative study for the characterization of polyaniline based nanocomposites and membrane properties
  24. Suspended growth kinetic analysis on biogas generation from newly isolated anaerobic bacterial communities for palm oil mill effluent at mesophilic temperature
  25. Oil Palm Biomass as an Adsorbent for Heavy Metals
  26. Isolation, Identification, and Characterization of Cadmium ResistantPseudomonassp. M3 from Industrial Wastewater
  27. Characterization and sorption behavior of natural adsorbent for exclusion of chromium ions from industrial effluents
  28. Removal of Terasil Red R dye by using Fenton oxidation: a statistical analysis
  29. Adsorption Studies of Methylene Blue and Malachite Green From Aqueous Solutions by Pretreated Lignocellulosic Materials
  30. Inactivation of pathogenic micro-organisms in hospital waste using a microwave
  31. Oil Palm Biomass as a Precursor of Activated Carbons: A Review
  32. Chemical Modification of Imperata cylindrica Leaf Powder for Heavy Metal Ion Adsorption
  33. Anaerobic Acidogenesis Biodegradation of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Using Suspended Closed Anaerobic Bioreactor (SCABR) at Mesophilic Temperature
  34. Start-up Operation of Anaerobic Degradation Process for Palm Oil Mill Effluent in Anaerobic Bench Scale Reactor (ABSR)
  35. Surface characterization and comparative adsorption properties of Cr(VI) on pyrolysed adsorbents of Acacia mangium wood and Phoenix dactylifera L. stone carbon
  36. The use of date palm as a potential adsorbent for wastewater treatment: a review
  37. Adsorption of Copper (II) Ions onto Surfactant-Modified Oil Palm Leaf Powder
  38. Sorption of Copper(II) and Nickel(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions Using Calcium Oxide Activated Date (Phoenix dactylifera) Stone Carbon: Equilibrium, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Studies
  39. Removal of Zinc (II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions Using Surfactant Modified Bamboo Sawdust
  40. Oil Palm Biomass–Based Adsorbents for the Removal of Water Pollutants—A Review
  41. Adsorption of Pb(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Date Bead Carbon Activated with ZnCl2
  42. Sorption Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies of Zinc (II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Bamboo Sawdust
  43. Oxidative Degradation of Acetaminophen by Permanganate in Neutral Medium-A Kinetic and Mechanistic Pathway
  44. Removal of Pesticides from Water and Wastewater by Different Adsorbents: A Review
  45. Removal of cadmium (II) from aqueous solutions by adsorption using meranti wood
  46. A novel agricultural waste adsorbent for the removal of lead (II) ions from aqueous solutions
  47. Adsorption Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies of Copper (II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Oil Palm Leaves
  48. Physico-chemical properties of blends of palm olein with other vegetable oils
  49. Adsorption of Copper (II) onto Different Adsorbents
  50. Adsorption of methylene blue on low-cost adsorbents: A review
  51. Kinetics for the Removal of Paraquat Dichloride from Aqueous Solution by Activated Date (Phoenix dactylifera) Stone Carbon
  52. Adsorption of copper (II), chromium (III), nickel (II) and lead (II) ions from aqueous solutions by meranti sawdust
  53. Scavenging behaviour of meranti sawdust in the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution
  54. Removal of Cu(II) and Pb(II) ions from aqueous solutions by adsorption on sawdust of Meranti wood
  55. Sorption studies of Zn(II)- and Cd(II)ions from aqueous solution on treated sawdust of sissoo wood
  56. Thermodynamics of Ion-Exchange of Alkali Metal Ions on Crystalline Niobium(V) Phosphate