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  1. Visual Sequelae of Computer Vision Syndrome: A Cross-Sectional Case-Control Study
  2. A novel Q‐value‐based nomogram for single intracorneal ring segment implantation versus standard manufacturer's nomogram combined with accelerated cross‐linking for treatment of keratoconus: a randomized controlled trial
  3. Changes in corneal biomechanics and intraocular pressure following Femto-LASIK using Goldman applanation tonometry and ocular response analyzer
  4. Association Between Keratoconus and Thyroid Gland Dysfunction: A Cross-Sectional Case–Control Study
  5. Visual and Refractive Long-Term Outcomes Following Standard Cross-Linking in Progressive Keratoconus Management
  6. Standard cross‐linking protocol versus accelerated and transepithelial cross‐linking protocols for treatment of paediatric keratoconus: a 2‐year comparative study
  7. Standard cross-linking versus photorefractive keratectomy combined with accelerated cross-linking for keratoconus management: a comparative study
  8. Two-stage procedure in the management of selected cases of keratoconus: clear lens extraction with aspherical IOL implantation followed by WFG-PRK
  9. Analysis of the Outcomes of Combined Cross-Linking with Intracorneal Ring Segment Implantation for the Treatment of Pediatric Keratoconus
  10. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Cross-Linking Combined With Photorefractive Keratectomy for Treatment of Keratoconus
  11. Keratoconus Plus (KC-Plus): Managment of Keratoconus with Cataract
  12. Computer Vision Syndrome
  13. Three-Year Outcomes of Cross-Linking PLUS (Combined Cross-Linking with Femtosecond Laser Intracorneal Ring Segments Implantation) for Management of Keratoconus
  14. Management of congenital glaucoma
  15. Combined cross-linking with femtosecond laser Myoring implantation versus combined cross-linking with femtosecond laser Keraring implantation for treatment of keratoconus
  16. Trabeculectomy with collagen matrix implantation versus trabeculectomy with mitomycin C application for the treatment of primary congenital glaucoma
  17. Refractive meridional corneal collagen cross-linking: a new modified technique for treatment of astigmatism
  18. Combined cross-linking with femtosecond laser myoring implantation versus combined cross-linking with femtosecond laser keraring implantation in the treatment of keratoconus
  19. Evaluation of the use of blind disfiguring eye as a natural implant for artificial eyes
  20. Analysis of 2-year corneal cross-linking results in keratoconus patients
  21. Comparison of epithelium-off and transepithelial corneal collagen cross-linking for treatment of keratoconus
  22. Evaluation of the therapeutic effect of corneal collagen cross-linking in the treatment of resistant corneal ulcer