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  1. Advantageous effects of immunosuppression with tacrolimus in comparison with cyclosporine A regarding renal function in patients after heart transplantation
  2. Analysis of malignancies in patients after heart transplantation with subsequent immunosuppressive therapy
  3. CCL19 and CCL21 modulate the inflammatory milieu in atherosclerotic lesions
  4. Superior rejection profile during the first 24 months after heart transplantation under tacrolimus as baseline immunosuppressive regimen
  5. A Human Ex Vivo Atherosclerotic Plaque Model to Study Lesion Biology
  6. Inhibition of B7-1 (CD80) by RhuDex® reduces lipopolysaccharide-mediated inflammation in human atherosclerotic lesions
  7. CXCL4-induced plaque macrophages can be specifically identified by co-expression of MMP7+S100A8+in vitro and in vivo
  8. High-sensitive Troponin T measurements early after heart transplantation predict short- and long-term survival
  9. PARP inhibition in atherosclerosis and its effects on dendritic cells, T cells and auto-antibody levels