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  1. A broadband negative refractive index meta-atom for quad-band and sensor applications
  2. A new double T-U-shaped biaxial compact double-negative meta-atom for multiband applications
  3. A new miniaturized negative-index meta-atom for tri-band applications
  4. An effective medium ratio following miniaturized concentric meta-atom for S- and C-band applications
  5. An effective medium ratio obeying meta-atom for multiband applications
  7. Multiple hexagonal split-ring resonators based negative index material for multi band applications
  8. Subwavelength operating metamaterial for multiband applications
  9. patch antenna for ultra wide band applications
  10. Bird Face Microstrip Printed Monopole Antenna Design for Ultra Wide Band Applications
  11. An Efficient Scheme for Receiver-Side Quadrature Imbalance Compensation in Coherent Optical Receivers
  12. Design and implementation of MPPT controlled grid connected photovoltaic system
  13. Performance evaluation of columnar multi-block vector structure