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  1. Evaluation of petroleum hydrocarbons and its impact on organic matters of living organisms in the northwestern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  2. Oil hydrocarbon fingerprints of the different marine organisms in some Egyptian Gulf of Suez waters
  3. Investigating gas resource potentiality from Late Jurassic Madbi Formation in the NW –Say’Un-Masila Basin, Eastern Yemen
  4. The use of polycyclic aromatic in the assessment of marine life and the impact on petroleum pollution in the Suez Gulf, Egypt
  5. Potentiality and timing of generation of Kareem and Rudeis formations, Central Gulf of Suez
  6. Assessment of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons in the aquatic species along Suez Gulf, Egypt, and their excess cancer risk to human
  7. Effect provenance of organic matters in surface sediments from coastal stations in the Gulf of Suez Gulf, Egypt: An implication from occurrence of triterpanes and steranes fragmentgrams
  8. Assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons of organic richness in seawater from some coastal area around Alexandria city, Egypt
  9. API gravities, vanadium, nickel, sulfur, and their relation to gross composition: Implications for the origin and maturation of crude oils in Western Desert, Egypt
  10. Hydrocarbon compositions and physicochemical characteristics for the determination of gasoline quality: An implication from gas chromatographic fingerprints
  11. Levels, compositions, and quality of some Egyptian surface sediments from Suez Gulf, as integrated from polycyclic hydrocarbons
  12. Evaluation of biogenic and anthropogenic inputs sediment along the Suez Gulf Shoreline: An implication from aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons
  13. Geochemical characteristics of crude oils dependent specific and biomarker distributions in the central-southern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  14. Crude oils geochemistry depended specific properties, metalloporphyrins, bulk compositions, and n-alkanes of some Egyptian oils in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  15. Compositions, sources, and ecological risk assessment of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons in surface sediments along the Suez Gulf, Egypt
  16. Isopach, lithofacies changes, and source rocks chracteristics of Khatatba and Alam El Bueib formations of some wells in North East Western Desert, Egypt
  17. Multivariate geochemical and statistical methods applied to assessment of organic matter potentiality and its correlation with hydrocarbon maturity parameters (Case study: Safir-1x well, North Western Desert, Egypt)
  18. Occurrences and distributions of normal alkanes and biological markers to detections of origin, environments, and maturation of crude oils in El Hamed oilfield, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  19. Geochemical characteristics of organic matter from Rudeis and Kareem source rocks, Ras Budran oilfield, central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  20. Significance of GC/FT-IR and GC/MS in recognizing the sources of organic materials from sediments along the Suez Gulf Shoreline, Egypt
  21. Utilizing the Rock-eval pyrolysis and biomarkers parameters to characterize the organic matters of selected wells in the Central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  22. Quantity, thermal maturity of organic matter and relation to prospective source rock horizons in Tut-1x well, North Western Desert, Egypt
  23. Source input and maturation assessments of oil families depending on specific and gross geochemical aspects of crude oils from Bakr oilfields in the central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  24. Organic richness, hydrocarbon potentiality, maturity, and timing of petroleum generation of the Cretaceous and Miocene source rocks in the central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  25. Petroleum geochemistry of crude oils and oil: source rock correlation of some wells in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  26. Source rock evaluation for hydrocarbon generation in Halal oilfield, southern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  27. Multivariate statistical analysis for monitoring the hydrocarbon potentiality of the source rocks in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  28. Applications of biological markers in assessing the organic richness of the surface sediments of Suez Gulf, Egypt
  29. Geochemical and biomarker characteristics of crude oils and source rock hydrocarbon extracts: An implication to their correlation, depositional environment and maturation in the Northern Western Desert, Egypt
  30. Source rock potentiality of Middle Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous of wells, North Western Desert, Egypt
  31. Source rocks evaluation and timing of petroleum generation of selected wells in Meleiha Area, North Western Desert, Egypt
  32. Reservoir characterization using porosity–permeability relations and statistical analysis: a case study from North Western Desert, Egypt
  33. The petroleum generation modeling of prospective affinities of Jurassic–Cretaceous source rocks in Tut oilfield, north Western Desert, Egypt: an integrated bulk pyrolysis and 1D-basin modeling
  34. The potentiality of hydrocarbon generation of the Jurassic source rocks in Salam-3x well, North Western Desert, Egypt
  35. Oil-source rock correlations of Jurassic and Cretaceous oils in the West Khalda area, North Western Desert, Egypt
  36. Timing of petroleum generation and source maturity of selected wells in Abu Gharadig Basin, North Western Desert, Egypt
  37. Source-rock potential of Miocene-Paleozeoic sediments in GH-376 oilfield, South Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  38. Small bowel intussusception induced by a jejunal gastrointestinal stromal cell tumor diagnosed by endoscopic ultrasound
  39. Organic richness, kerogen types and maturity in the shales of the Dakhla and Duwi formations in Abu Tartur area, Western Desert, Egypt: Implication of Rock–Eval pyrolysis
  40. Source Rock Quality from Oil Biomarkers of the Abu Gharadig Basin in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  41. Source Rock Evaluation of Selected Wells in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  42. Geochemical Characteristics of Crude Oils From Ras Gharib Oilfields in the Central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  43. Evaluation of the nature, origin and potentiality of the subsurface Middle Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous source rocks in Melleiha G-1x well, North Western Desert, Egypt
  44. The schistosome glutathione S-transferase P28GST, a unique helminth protein, prevents intestinal inflammation in experimental colitis through a Th2-type response with mucosal eosinophils
  45. Evaluation of organic matters, hydrocarbon potential and thermal maturity of source rocks based on geochemical and statistical methods: Case study of source rocks in Ras Gharib oilfield, central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  46. Biomarker characteristics of crude oils from Ashrafi and GH oilfields in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt: An implication to source input and paleoenvironmental assessments
  47. A Study ofVEGFGene Polymorphism in Egyptian Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy
  48. Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of inflammatory bowel diseases in Cairo, Egypt
  49. Effect of different bioremediation techniques on petroleum biomarkers and asphaltene fraction in oil-polluted sea water
  50. Geothermal History of Hydrocarbon Generation of Wells in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  51. The Volumetric Calculation of Hydrocarbons Generation of Source Rocks in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  52. Application of Molecular and Polycyclic Aromatic Sulfur Compounds in Evaluation of Some Egyptian Crude Oils
  53. Bulk Compositions, Genetic Origin, Classifications, and Maturation of Crude Oils in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  54. The Potentiality of Source Rocks in Hayat Oilfield Based on Well Data, North Western Desert, Egypt
  55. The Advantage of Rock-Eval Pyrolysis, LC, and GC/MS in Characterizing Organic Matter: A Case Study of the El-Khaligue-4 Well, Central Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  56. An Organic Geochemical Characterization of Crude Oils from El Hamd and Bakr Oilfields in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  57. Oil–Source Rocks Correlation Based on the Biomarker Distribution of EWD and Qarun Oilfields, North Western Desert, Egypt
  58. Thickness Variations, Lithofacies Changes, and Time of Hydrocarbons Generation in the Khalda West Area, North Western Desert, Egypt
  59. The Subsurface Geology and Source Rocks Characteristics of Some Jurassic and Cretaceous Sequences in the West Qarun Area, North Western Desert, Egypt
  60. Source Rocks Evaluation of Sidi Salem-1 Well in the Onshore Nile Delta, Egypt
  61. The Geochemical Correlation of Oils and Source Rock Extracts of Some Wells in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  62. Bulk Geochemical Characteristics of Crude Oils From Wells in the North Western Desert, Egypt
  63. Significance of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Recognizing Source Depositional Environments and Maturation of Some Egyptian Crude Oils
  64. Acute hepatitis induced by glatiramer acetate
  65. Biomarkers Assessment of Crude Oils and Extracts from Jurassic-Cretaceous Rocks, North Qattara Depression, North Western Desert, Egypt
  66. Organic Geochemistry of Source Rocks, Condensates, and Thermal Geochemical Modeling of Miocene Sequence of Some Wells, Onshore Nile Delta, Egypt
  67. Application of Light Hydrocarbon (C7+) and Biomarker Analyses in Characterizing Oil from Wells in the North and North Central Sinai, Egypt
  68. The Hydrocarbon Potential of Miocene Source Rocks for Oil Generation in the South Gulf of Suez, Egypt