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  1. Finite element analysis using solidwork software on innovative anti-animal trash bin
  2. Preliminary characterization of methanolic and ethanolic extract of Musa acuminata leaves
  3. Modification of activated carbon with cationic surfactant for heavy metals removal
  4. Flexural and Morphology Properties of Kenaf Fibre Reinforcement Unsaturated Polymer Composite
  5. Mechanical and Water Absorption Properties of Hybrid Kenaf/Glass Fibre Mat Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composites
  6. Characterizations of Pergau River Clay as Comparison to Mambong and Sayong
  7. Microscopic Study on the Corrosion of Underground Pipeline
  8. Effect of Urea Formaldehyde Addition to the Dimensional Stability of Particle Board Made Using Glutardialdehyde Modified Corn Starch as Binder with FT-IR Analysis
  9. Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Meranti Wood Flour Filled Polypropylene Composites
  10. Treatment of Oily Waste Using Activated Carbon from Agriculture Waste
  11. Effects of Soil Physical Properties to the Corrosion of Underground Pipelines
  12. Waste Banana Peel and its Potentialization in Agricultural Applications: Morphology Overview