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  1. Rotation control of the molecular cogwheels
  2. Generalized Kraus Operators for the Depolarizing Channel
  3. A minimalist quantum Time
  4. Dynamical emergence of Markovianity in local time scheme
  5. A local-time-induced decoherence
  6. Hydrogen atom structures
  7. Quantum phenomena with biomolecules
  8. An Inconsistency with Everett Interpretation of Quantum Mechanicst
  9. Quantum correlations relativity
  10. Asymptotic dynamics of the alternate degrees of freedom
  11. Ghostly Quantum Worlds
  12. Parallel occurrence of decoherence
  14. On a Consistent Quantum Adiabatic Theory of Molecules
  15. On quantum locality
  16. A method for avoiding decoherence
  17. Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Biophysics and Consciousness
  18. A Unified Decoherence-Based Model of Microparticles in a Solution
  19. What is system II
  20. Quantum Decoherence and Quantum-Holographic Information Processes: From Biomolecules to Biosystems
  21. what is system I
  22. The Polymer Conformational Stability and Transitions
  23. Biopolymer Chain Folding and Biomolecular Recognition: A Quantum Decoherence Theory Approach
  24. On decoherence in noncommutative plane with perpendicular magnetic field
  25. Quantum-holographic and classical Hopfield-like associative nnets: implications for modeling two cognitive modes of consciousness
  26. Polymer Conformational Transitions: A Quantum Decoherence Theory Approach
  27. Decoherence due to internal mesoscopic environment: a possible experimental test
  28. Entanglement suppression
  29. Zero energy for quantum information processing
  30. A Note on the Ohya-Masuda Quantum Algorithm
  31. On a Possible Physical Metatheory of Consciousness
  32. Quantum-mechanical tunneling in associative neural networks
  33. On diagonalization of a composite-system observable. Separability
  34. Comment on “Quantum mechanical description of thermal equilibrium states as eigenstates of relative-phase interactions” by Kobayashi
  35. On the occurrence of decoherence in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics
  36. Quantum and classical neural networks for modeling two modes of consciousness: cognitive implications