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  1. In Vitro and In Vivo Characterisation of a Mucoadhesive Buccal Film Loaded with Doxycycline Hyclate for Topical Application in Periodontitis
  2. Analyzing the Effects of Calcium Nitrate over White Portland Cement: A Multi-Scale Approach
  3. Effect of infill pattern on fatigue characteristics of 3D printed polymers
  4. Evaluation of Bond Strength of Four Different Root Canal Sealers
  5. Effects of Disinfection and Steam Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of 3D SLA- and DLP-Printed Surgical Guides for Orthodontic Implant Placement
  6. Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of a Battery Cell under Impact Load
  7. Numerical Investigation of the Infill Rate upon Mechanical Proprieties of 3D-Printed Materials
  8. Characterization of the Influence of an Accelerator upon the Porosity and Strength of Cement Paste by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Relaxometry
  9. Antimicrobial Properties of Bacterial Cellulose Films Enriched with Bioactive Herbal Extracts Obtained by Microwave-Assisted Extraction
  10. Correction: Bodea et al. Optimization of Moist and Oven-Dried Bacterial Cellulose Production for Functional Properties. Polymers 2021, 13, 2088
  11. Generation of Computational 3D Models of Human Bones Based on STL Data and CAD Software Packages
  12. Optimization of Moist and Oven-Dried Bacterial Cellulose Production for Functional Properties
  13. Mechanical Evaluation of Solvent Casted Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Films Derived from the Storage Polyesters Produced by Halomonas elongata DSM 2581T
  14. Design, Manufacturing and Test of CFRP Front Hood Concepts for a Light-Weight Vehicle
  15. 3-Aminopropyl-Triethoxysilane Functionalized Graphene Oxide for Silane-Based Consolidation Treatments to Increase Mortar Performances
  16. Mixture of Graphene Oxide/Phosphoric Acid/Melamine as Coating for Improved Fire Protective Performance and Enhancement of Surface Electrical Properties on Wood Chipboard
  17. Assessing Fracture Resistance of non Vital Teeth Using Two Different Composite Systems: Short-Fibre-Reinforced Composite and Glass Fibre Post with Microfilled Hybrid Composite
  18. Analysis of the Thermoelastic Damping Effect in Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Resonators
  19. Determining the tribological properties of different 3D printing filaments
  20. Investigation of Mechanical Behaviour of Expanded Polystyrene Under Compressive and Bending Loadings
  21. Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Short Fiber-Glass Epoxy Composites
  22. Experimental research regarding carbon fiber/epoxy material manufactured by autoclave process
  23. Surface Properties and Maximum Insertion Energy of Sterilized Orthodontic Mini-Implants with Different Chemical Materials
  24. Temporal bone trauma effects on auditory anatomical structures in mastoid obliteration
  25. Oxidative Chemical Hybrid Formulations for Internal Bleaching of Endodontically Treated Teeth
  26. Corrigendum to “Bioactive Ti-base biomaterial with sustained anti-bacterial response for endosseous applications” [React. Funct. Polym. 125(2018) 37–46]
  27. Potential Use of Galium verum Essential Oil for Antibacterial Properties in Gelatin Based Hydrogels Prepared by Microwave Irradiation Technique
  28. Bioactive Ti-base biomaterial with sustained anti-bacterial response for endosseous applications
  29. Relative humidity influence on adhesion effect in MEMS flexible structures
  30. Thermal expansion coefficient determination of polylactic acid using digital image correlation
  31. Dynamic behavior of smart microelectromechanical systems in industrial applications
  32. Effects of Raster Orientation, Infill Rate and Infill Pattern on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Materials
  33. Nanocharacterization of the adhesion effect and bending stiffness in optical MEMS
  34. Double whip stitch for free graft femoral fixation in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: experimental study on porcine model
  35. Nanocharacterization of the Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of MEMS Micromembranes
  36. Relative humidity effect on pull-off forces in MEMS flexible structures measured by AFM
  37. Design, fabrication and characterization of RF MEMS switches with robust contact
  38. Investigation on the contact behaviour of MEMS micromembrane with serpentine hinges
  39. Analysis of the bending stiffness and adhesion effect in RF-MEMS structures
  40. Bending and compression tests for PA 2200 parts obtained using Selective Laser Sintering method
  41. Influence of the stacking sequence on the mechanical proprieties of glass fiber reinforced polymer
  42. Design and manufacturing front hood for electric vehicle by carbon fibber
  43. Carbon epoxy front hood for an electrical city vehicle
  44. Versatile self-assembled graphene oxide membranes obtained under ambient conditions by using a water–ethanol suspension
  46. Dynamic response of a polysilicon microbridge driven by different electrostatic forces
  47. Calibration of a Shear Specimen
  48. Effect of geometrical dimensions on the tribomechanical response of a gold micromembrane with bent beam hinges
  49. Experimental investigation by atomic force microscopy on mechanical and tribological properties of thin films
  50. Reliability design of thermally actuated MEMS switches based on V-shape beams
  51. Considerations Regarding the Optically Transparent Rigid Model for PIV Investigations. A Case Study. Part 2: Notes on the Failure of the Model
  52. Monitoring the Influence of Aminosilane on Cement Hydration Via Low-field NMR Relaxometry
  53. Static response and stiction analysis of MEMS micromembranes for optical applications
  54. Lip Forces and Chewing Efficiency in Children with Peripheral Facial Paralysis
  55. The effect of sensing area position on the mechanical response of mass-detecting cantilever sensor
  56. Reliability design of thermally actuated MEMS switches supported by V -Beams
  57. The Use of Bone-Like Materials in Skull Base Traumatology
  58. Customized implants with specific properties, made by selective laser melting
  59. Nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization of a MEMS micromembrane supported by two folded hinges
  60. Design and fabrication of a MEMS chevron-type thermal actuator
  61. Reliability Design Based on Experimental Investigations of Paddle MEMS Cantilevers Used in Mass Sensing Applications
  62. Experimental Validation of a Finite Element Model of an Osteoporotic Human Femoral Bone Using Strain Gauge Measurement
  63. V-Beam Thermal Actuator’s Performance Analysis Using Digital Image Correlation
  64. Nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization of a MEMS micromembrame supported by two folded hinges
  65. Size effect on the microbridges quality factor tested in free air space
  66. Role of Mastoid Pneumatization in Temporal Bone Fractures
  67. State of Stress Determination in a Water Drinker by Numerical and Experimental Methods
  68. Measurement of Thermoplastics Tensile Proprieties Using Digital Image Correlation
  69. Deflection Determination of V-Beam Thermal Sensors Using Digital Image Correlation
  70. Analytical and Numerical Study on the Maximum Force Developed by a V-beam Thermal Actuator
  71. Dynamic behavior of smart MEMS in industrial applications
  72. Micro-tweezers Based on V-Beam Thermal Actuator
  73. Research on Producing Complex Metal Parts with Lattice Structure by Selective Laser Melting
  74. Design and Analysis of Carbon/Epoxy Composite Tubular Parts
  75. Nanomechanical studies and materials characterization of metal/polymer bilayer MEMS cantilevers
  76. Temperature effect on tribological and mechanical properties of MEMS
  77. Simulation and experimental analysis of thermo-mechanical behavior of microresonators under dynamic loading
  78. Obtaining and Characterizing Alginate/k-Carrageenan Hydrogel Cross-Linked with Adipic Dihydrazide
  79. The alginate/k-carrageenan ratio's influence on the properties of the cross-linked composite films
  80. Mechanical and tribological characterizations for reliability design of micromembranes
  81. Analysis of a Dexterous Instrument for Minimally Invasive Procedures, Based on Bellows Actuators
  82. Investigation of Non-Linear Springback for High Strength Steel Sheets by ESPI
  83. Characterisation of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Anisotropic Materials by Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry