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  1. Validation of Lung EpiCheck, a novel methylation-based blood assay, for the detection of lung cancer in European and Chinese high-risk individuals
  2. Respiratory medicine is not gender blind
  3. Oral steroids in asthma: a double-edged sword
  4. ERS/EAACI statement on severe exacerbations in asthma in adults: facts, priorities and key research questions
  5. Inhaled corticosteroids in asthma and the need for universal health coverage
  6. ERS Presidential Summit: redesigning the future of patient care
  7. Towards precision medicine: CCL2, another brick in the wall?
  8. Indacaterol/glycopyrronium reduces the risk of clinically important deterioration after direct switch from baseline therapies in patients with moderate COPD: a post hoc analysis of the CRYSTAL study
  9. Inhaler adherence in severe asthma: is there an electronic solution?
  10. Perception of symptoms and quality of life – comparison of patients’ and physicians’ views in the COPD MIRROR study
  11. Targeting immunoglobulin E in non-atopic asthma: crossing the red line?
  12. Assessment of satisfaction with different dry powder inhalation devices in Greek patients with COPD and asthma: the ANASA study
  13. Anti-IgE treatment, airway inflammation and remodelling in severe allergic asthma: current knowledge and future perspectives
  14. The quest for the grail: multidimensional efforts for understanding and targeting severe asthma
  15. Clinical asthma phenotypes in the real world: opportunities and challenges
  16. Control of asthma in real life: still a valuable goal?