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  1. New index for Helsinki Stock Exchange in Finland 1912-1981
  2. Equity premium - always the same or does it vary with the business cycles?
  3. Stocks and other listed securities in Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1912 to 1981.
  4. Expected and realized returns in conditional asset pricing models: A new testing approach
  5. Owners and short-term pressure
  6. Dividend policy in Nordic listed firms
  7. Equity premium in Finland from 1912 to 2009
  8. Testing pairs trading strategy in an illiquid market (here: Finland)
  9. Pricing currency risk in the stock market: Evidence from Finland and Sweden 1970–2009
  10. Determinants of capital budgeting methods and hurdle rates in Nordic firms
  11. Historical review of Finnish finance education and research
  12. Time-varying global and local sources of market and currency risks in Russian stock market
  13. New and improved stock market index for Finland
  14. Liquidity risk in Finnish stock market
  15. Corporate ownership and managerial short-termism: Results from a Finnish study of management perceptions
  16. Corporate Real Estate Sale and Leaseback Effect: Empirical Evidence from Europe
  17. Pricing of global and local sources of risk in Russian stock market
  18. International asset pricing models and currency risk: Evidence from Finland 1970–2004
  19. Issues to consider when creating different stock portfolios and calculating their returns
  20. World capital markets and Finnish stock returns
  21. Sources of Capital Market Segmentation: Empirical Evidence from Finland