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  1. Who Serves Where: A Geospatial Analysis of Access to Endocrine Surgeons in the United States and Puerto Rico
  2. A Geospatial Analysis of Abortion Access in the United States after the Reversal of Roe v Wade
  3. Wine, culture and environment
  4. Neighborhood racial/ethnic segregation and cognitive decline in older adults
  5. Literature Mapper: A QGIS Plugin for Georeferencing Citations in Zotero
  6. Route Logic of the Central Pacific Railroad, 1861–1869
  7. ‘A big fish in a small pond’
  8. Cogent Geoscience interviews Michele Tobias
  9. California's coastal plants build sand dunes through teamwork
  10. The number of people visiting a beach can change which species can grow there.
  11. Simple GIS Method for Monitoring Foredune Habitat for Western Snowy Plovers (and other species)