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  1. Experimental Observations of Turbulent Events in the Surfzone
  2. Numerical investigation of the behaviour of jets in a wave environment
  3. Coastline evolution based on statistical analysis and modeling
  4. Experimental Setup and Measuring System to Study Solitary Wave Interaction with Rigid Emergent Vegetation
  5. Monitoring Systems and Numerical Models to Study Coastal Sites
  6. A Combined Approach of Field Data and Earth Observation for Coastal Risk Assessment
  7. How to Define Priorities in Coastal Vulnerability Assessment
  8. Experimental investigation on dispersion mechanisms in rigid and flexible vegetated beds
  9. Coastline evolution based on statistical analysis and modelling
  10. Turbulence in River and Maritime Hydraulics
  11. Some Aspects of Turbulent Mixing of Jets in the Marine Environment
  12. Wave Height Attenuation and Flow Resistance Due to Emergent or Near-Emergent Vegetation
  13. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Pre-Breaking and Breaking Vorticity within a Plunging Breaker
  14. Turbulence Measurement of Vertical Dense Jets in Crossflow
  15. Meteo and Hydrodynamic Measurements to Detect Physical Processes in Confined Shallow Seas
  16. SPH Modelling of Hydraulic Jump Oscillations at an Abrupt Drop
  17. How vegetation in flows modifies the turbulent mixing and spreading of jets
  18. Analysis of data characterizing tide and current fluxes in coastal basins
  19. Vertical dense jet in flowing current
  20. Enhancing the performance of hazard indexes in assessing hot spots of harbour areas by considering hydrodynamic parameters
  21. Coastal ocean forecasting with an unstructured grid model in the southern Adriatic and northern Ionian seas
  22. Synergistic use of an oil drift model and remote sensing observations for oil spill monitoring
  23. Marine Rapid Environmental Assessment in the Gulf of Taranto: a multiscale approach
  24. Rethinking the process of detrainment: jets in obstructed natural flows
  25. Assessment of classical and approximated models estimating regular waves kinematics
  26. Assessment of hydrodynamics, biochemical parameters and eddy diffusivity in a semi-enclosed Ionian basin
  27. Partially obstructed channel: Contraction ratio effect on the flow hydrodynamic structure and prediction of the transversal mean velocity profile
  28. An approach for data-driven characterization of tide and current fluxes in coastal basins
  29. Integration of multitemporal SAR/InSAR techniques and NWM for coastal structures monitoring: Outline of the software system and of an operational service with COSMO-SkyMed data
  30. Micrometeorological simulations over a coastal area using CALMET model: Atmosphere monitoring
  31. Physical modelling of buoyant effluents discharged into a cross flow
  32. Semi enclosed basin monitoring and analysis of meteo, wave, tide and current data: Sea monitoring
  33. Use of SHYFEM open source hydrodynamic model for time scales analysis in a semi-enclosed basin
  34. Coastal ocean forecasting with an unstructured-grid model in the Southern Adriatic Northern Ionian Sea
  35. A laboratory investigation into the influence of a rigid vegetation on the evolution of a round turbulent jet discharged within a cross flow
  36. Coastal Observation through Cosmo-SkyMed High-Resolution SAR Images
  37. A modified log-law of flow velocity distribution in partly obstructed open channels
  38. Experimental study of a vertical jet in a vegetated crossflow
  39. SPH numerical investigation of the velocity field and vorticity generation within a hydrofoil-induced spilling breaker
  40. Analysis of mean velocity and turbulence measurements with ADCPs
  41. Environmental monitoring in the Mar Grande basin (Ionian Sea, Southern Italy)
  42. Analysis of the artificial viscosity in the smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling of regular waves
  43. Hydrodynamic behavior in the outer shear layer of partly obstructed open channels
  44. Streamwise velocity profiles in coastal currents
  45. A laboratory study of irregular shoaling waves
  46. Prediction of channel flow characteristics through square arrays of emergent cylinders
  47. 3D SPH modelling of hydraulic jump in a very large channel
  48. Quantitative characterization of marine oil slick by satellite near-infrared imagery and oil drift modelling: the Fun Shai Hai case study
  49. Wind and Wave Study for Off-Shore Wind Farm Applications
  50. Considerations on shock wave/boundary layer interaction in undular hydraulic jumps in horizontal channels with a very high aspect ratio
  51. Discharge estimation in open channels by means of water level hydrograph analysis
  52. The FUNWAVE model application and its validation using laboratory data
  53. Experimental study of the flow field with spilling type breaking
  54. Experimental study of recirculating flows generated by lateral shock waves in very large channels
  55. Analysis of the velocity field in a large rectangular channel with lateral shockwave
  56. The floods in Bari: What history should have taught
  57. Circulation in a Southern Italy coastal basin: Modelling and field measurements
  58. Resistance coefficient in a smooth concentric annular pipe
  59. The influence of a localised region of turbulence on the structural development of a turbulent, round, buoyant jet
  60. Field measurements and monitoring of wastewater discharge in sea water
  61. Scour holes downstream of bed sills in low-gradient channels
  62. Experimental study on the hydrodynamics of regular breaking waves
  63. Relation of surface roller eddy formation and surface fluctuation in hydraulic jumps
  64. Behavior of Nonbuoyant Jets in a Wave Environment
  65. Experimental study on the interaction of non-buoyant jets and waves
  66. Tailwater level effects on flow conditions at an abrupt drop
  67. On the oscillating characteristics of hydraulic jumps
  68. Flow Visualization in Bubbly Two-Phase Hydraulic Jump