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  1. Induction of Silencing in Plants by High-Pressure Spraying of In vitro-Synthesized Small RNAs
  2. Application of small RNAs into plant cells and de novo DNA methylation
  3. Functional Analysis of Cotton Leaf Curl Kokhran Virus/Cotton Leaf Curl Multan Betasatellite RNA Silencing Suppressors
  4. Replicating Potato spindle tuber viroid mediatesde novomethylation of an intronic viroid sequence but no cleavage of the corresponding pre-mRNA
  5. Engineering Viroid Resistance
  6. Three gene products of a begomovirus–betasatellite complex restore expression of a transcriptionally silenced green fluorescent protein transgene in Nicotiana benthamiana
  7. An endogene-resembling transgene is resistant to DNA methylation and systemic silencing
  8. In Nicotiana species, an artificial microRNA corresponding to the virulence modulating region of Potato spindle tuber viroid directs RNA silencing of a soluble inorganic pyrophosphatase gene and the development of abnormal phenotypes
  9. Binding and processing of small dsRNA molecules by the class 1 RNase III protein encoded by sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus
  10. Revisiting RNA-directed DNA methylation
  11. An endogene-resembling transgene delays the onset of silencing and limits siRNA accumulation
  12. Potyvirus Helper Component Proteinase
  13. Viroid-induced DNA methylation in plants
  14. Transgenerational maintenance of transgene body CG but not CHG and CHH methylation
  15. Diverse spontaneous silencing of a transgene among two Nicotiana species
  16. The helper component-proteinase of the Zucchini yellow mosaic virus inhibits the Hua Enhancer 1 methyltransferase activity in vitro
  17. Analysis of the autoproteolytic activity of the recombinant helper component proteinase from zucchini yellow mosaic virus
  18. Expression, purification and functional characterization of recombinant Zucchini yellow mosaic virus HC-Pro
  19. Hairpin transcription does not necessarily lead to efficient triggering of the RNAi pathway
  20. A chimeric satellite transgene sequence is inefficiently targeted by viroid-induced DNA methylation in tobacco
  21. Analysis of an autoproteolytic activity of rice yellow mottle virus silencing suppressor P1
  22. A hairpin RNA construct residing in an intron efficiently triggered RNA-directed DNA methylation in tobacco
  23. RNAi-mediated resistance toPotato spindle tuber viroidin transgenic tomato expressing a viroid hairpin RNA construct
  24. First Report of Solanum jasminoides Infected by Citrus exocortis viroid in Germany and the Netherlands and Tomato apical stunt viroid in Belgium and Germany
  25. RNA interference-vermittelte DNA Methylierung in Pflanzen
  26. Strategies for antiviral resistance in transgenic plants
  27. The Conserved FRNK Box in HC-Pro, a Plant Viral Suppressor of Gene Silencing, Is Required for Small RNA Binding and Mediates Symptom Development
  28. Nomenclature and functions of RNA-directed RNA polymerases
  29. The Role of the RNAi Machinery in Heterochromatin Formation
  30. Control and Silencing of Transgene Expression
  31. Viroid-induced RNA silencing of GFP-viroid fusion transgenes does not induce extensive spreading of methylation or transitive silencing
  32. Gene silencing
  33. Binding of IRE-BP to Its Cognate RNA Sequence: SFM Studies on a Universal RNA Backbone for the Analysis of RNA-Protein Interaction
  34. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using PCR Techniques to Characterize Transgenic Plants
  35. RNA-directed DNA methylation
  36. A DNA target of 30 bp is sufficient for RNA-directed DNA methylation
  37. Signalling in gene silencing
  38. Isolation of an RNA-Directed RNA Polymerase-Specific cDNA Clone from Tomato
  39. A Single Nucleotide Substitution Converts Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PSTVd) from a Noninfectious to an Infectious RNA for Nicotiana tabacum
  40. Molecular analysis of the gene family of the signal recognition particle (SRP) RNA of tomato
  42. Characterization of the signal recognition particle (SRP) RNA population of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)
  43. RNA-directed de novo methylation of genomic sequences in plants
  44. Application of PCR to Transgenic Plants