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  1. On the main components of landscape evolution modelling of river systems
  2. Applying ADCPs for long term monitoring of SSC in rivers
  3. Long-term modelling of fluvial systems at the watershed scale: examples from three case studies
  4. Numerical Modelling as a Support Tool for River Habitat Studies
  5. Dealing with sediment transport in flood risk management
  6. Numerical Modelling as a Support Tool for River Habitat Studies
  7. Special Issue “Laboratory Geosciences: Modelling Surface Processes” in Geosciences
  8. River Morphodynamic Evolution Under Dam-Induced Backwater: An Example from the Po River (Italy)
  9. Understanding and mitigating cascading crises in the global interconnected system
  10. Time-lapse photography to track fluvial sandbars.
  11. Po River Morphodynamics Modelled with the Open-source Code iRIC
  12. Is Equilibrium Modelling Outdated for Recent Challenges in River Management?
  13. Vulnerability, impacts and assessment of climate change on Jakarta and Venice
  14. Long-term evolution of alluvial rivers
  15. Consideration of hydromorphology and sediment in the implementation of the EU water framework and floods directives: a comparative analysis of selected EU member states
  16. Long-term Morphodynamics of a Schematic River Analysed with a Zero-dimensional, Two-reach, Two-grainsize Model
  17. Flood hazard maps in the European context
  18. Sensitivity Analysis of a Riparian Vegetation Growth Model
  19. Modeling of River Width Variations Based on Hydrological, Morphological, and Biological Dynamics
  20. Implications of cascading effects for the EU Floods Directive
  21. Is public participation an added value for river basin management?
  22. Morphological Changes of a Restored Reach: The Case of the Spree River, Cottbus, Germany
  23. Cascading Events, Technology and the Floods Directive: future challenges
  24. A sediment fluxes investigation for the 2-D modelling of large river morphodynamics
  25. Implementation of the floods directive in selected EU member states
  26. Morphodynamic reaction of a schematic river to sediment input changes: Analytical approaches
  27. Opportunities from low-resolution modelling of river morphology in remote parts of the world
  28. Parana morphodinamics - climate change
  29. Modelling the impact of large impoundments on the Lower Zambezi River
  30. Morphological effects of damming on lower Zambezi River