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  1. Individual Differences in Moral Disgust Do Not Predict Utilitarian Judgments, Sexual and Pathogen Disgust Do
  2. Money for microbes-Pathogen avoidance and out-group helping behaviour
  3. The Company You Keep
  4. How pathogen cues shape impressions of foods: the omnivore's dilemma and functionally specialized conditioning
  5. Are Utilitarian/Deontological Preferences Unidimensional?
  6. Machiavelli as a poker mate — A naturalistic behavioural study on strategic deception
  7. "To Bluff like a Man or Fold like a Girl?" – Gender Biased Deceptive Behavior in Online Poker
  8. Poker players with experience and skill are not “ill” – Exposing a discrepancy in measures of problem gambling
  9. Zone out and your money flows away; go with the flow and your money might stay
  10. Experienced Poker Players Are Emotionally Stable
  11. Emotional and Social Factors influence Poker Decision Making Accuracy
  12. ‘This is just so unfair!’: A qualitative analysis of loss-induced emotions and tilting in on-line poker
  13. Losing More by Losing It: Poker Experience, Sensitivity to Losses and Tilting Severity
  14. “Don’t Worry, It’s Just Poker!”-Experience, Self-Rumination and Self-Reflection as Determinants of Decision-Making in On-Line Poker
  15. Poker Experience Scale