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  1. Exploring Mobility Behavior Around Ambient Displays Using Clusters of Multi-dimensional Walking Trajectories
  2. Pandemic Displays: Considering Hygiene on Public Touchscreens in the Post-Pandemic Era
  3. Design guidelines for micro information radiators to increase seniors' safety in urban space
  4. MCI-Symposium 2019 – KI für den Menschen
  5. Expand your comfort zone! smart urban objects to promote safety in public spaces for older adults
  6. Mediating movement-based interaction through semiotically enhanced shadow representations
  7. Providing Access to Social Networking Services for Elderly People
  8. Social Computing in Coporations
  9. Social Software Beyond the Desktop — Ambient Awareness and Ubiquitous Activity Streaming
  10. Model-driven development of a person-centric mashup for social software
  11. Erfolgsfaktoren für die Einführung einer Enterprise 2.0-Lösung am Beispiel der ESG GmbH
  12. CommunityMirrors als Informationsstrahler in Unternehmen
  13. Broadening Participation in Knowledge Management in Enterprise 2.0
  14. SkiBaserl — Knowledge management in high performance sports
  15. Requirements for community support systems - modularization, integration and ubiquitous user interfaces
  16. Design issues and model for a distributed multi-user editor
  17. Integrating community services-a common infrastructure proposal