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  1. Sleep Disturbance Partially Mediates the Relationship Between Intimate Partner Violence and Physical/Mental Health in Women and Men
  2. Implications of sleep and energy drink use for health disparities
  3. Addressing sleep disturbances: An opportunity to prevent cardiometabolic disease?
  4. Short and Long Sleep Duration Associated with Race/Ethnicity, Sociodemographics, and Socioeconomic Position
  5. Suicidal ideation in Veterans misusing alcohol: Relationships with insomnia symptoms and sleep duration
  6. Circulating adhesion molecules in obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease
  7. Habitual sleep duration associated with self-reported and objectively determined cardiometabolic risk factors
  8. Daytime Sleepiness: Associations with Alcohol Use and Sleep Duration in Americans
  9. The Use of Technology at Night: Impact on Sleep and Health
  10. Short and long sleep duration and risk of drowsy driving and the role of subjective sleep insufficiency
  11. Sleep Symptoms, Race/Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Position
  12. Short sleep duration and insomnia associated with hypertension incidence
  13. Sleep symptoms associated with intake of specific dietary nutrients
  14. Sleep duration, cardiovascular disease, and proinflammatory biomarkers
  15. The Association Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypertension by Race/Ethnicity in a Nationally Representative Sample
  16. A prospective study of weight gain associated with chronotype among college freshmen
  17. Extreme Sleep Durations and Increased C-Reactive Protein: Effects of Sex and Ethnoracial Group
  18. Dietary nutrients associated with short and long sleep duration. Data from a nationally representative sample
  19. Insomnia in Alcohol Dependence: Predictors of Symptoms in a Sample of Veterans Referred from Primary Care
  20. The Development of a Questionnaire to Assess Sleep-Related Practices, Beliefs, and Attitudes
  21. Short wavelength light administered just prior to waking: a pilot study
  22. Insomnia as a Cardiometabolic Risk Factor
  23. Creating an Optimal Sleep Environment
  24. Sleep duration versus sleep insufficiency as predictors of cardiometabolic health outcomes
  25. Perceived Racial Discrimination as an Independent Predictor of Sleep Disturbance and Daytime Fatigue
  26. In Memoriam: Nirav P. Patel
  27. Sleep duration across the lifespan: Implications for health
  28. Difficulties sleeping: a natural part of growing older?
  29. Melatonin pharmacokinetics following two different oral surge‐sustained release doses in older adults
  30. Age and Sleep Disturbances Among American Men And Women: Data From the U.S. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  31. State and Regional Prevalence of Sleep Disturbance and Daytime Fatigue
  32. Sleep Disorders, Public Health, and Public Safety
  33. Sleep disturbance is associated with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders
  34. Sleep duration and cardiometabolic risk
  35. Obesity, diabetes, and exercise associated with sleep-related complaints in the American population
  36. "Sleep disparity" in the population: poor sleep quality is strongly associated with poverty and ethnicity
  37. Problems associated with short sleep: Bridging the gap between laboratory and epidemiological studies
  38. Mortality associated with short sleep duration: The evidence, the possible mechanisms, and the future
  39. Who gets the best sleep? Ethnic and socioeconomic factors related to sleep complaints
  40. Relationships among dietary nutrients and subjective sleep, objective sleep, and napping in women
  41. From sleep duration to mortality: implications of meta‐analysis and future directions
  42. Who are the long sleepers? Towards an understanding of the mortality relationship
  43. Light exposure is related to social and emotional functioning and to quality of life in older women
  44. Criterion validity of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index: Investigation in a non-clinical sample
  45. Meteorologic factors and subjective sleep continuity: a preliminary evaluation
  46. Self-reported Sleep Complaints With Long and Short Sleep: A Nationally Representative Sample
  47. Education and the Crisis of the First Republic
  48. Sleep