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  1. Corrosion protection of thickness reduced plasma electrolytic layers on AZ31
  2. Determination of state of charge-dependent asymmetric Butler–Volmer kinetics for LixCoO2 electrode using GITT measurements
  3. Analysis of the counter-electrode potential in a 3-electrode lithium ion battery cell
  4. Local Heat Generation in a Single Stack Lithium Ion Battery Cell
  5. Investigation of charge transfer kinetics of Li-Intercalation in LiFePO 4
  6. Electrochemical corrosion of silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide ceramics in aqueous solutions
  7. Electrochemical Machining of cemented carbides
  8. Microscopic in-operando thermography at the cross section of a single lithium ion battery stack
  9. Pulse plating of manganese oxide nanoparticles on aligned MWCNT
  10. D2 Enertrode: Production Technologies and Component Integration of Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes for Energy Technology-Functionalized Carbon Materials for Efficient Electrical Energy Supply
  11. Electrochemical corrosion of silicon carbide ceramics in sodium hydroxide
  12. Anodic dissolution of cobalt in aqueous sodium nitrate solution at high current densities
  13. The effect of bath aging on the microstructure of anodic oxide layers on AA1050
  14. Galvanic corrosion of metal/ceramic coupling
  15. Electrochemical corrosion of silicon carbide ceramics in H2SO4
  16. Electrochemical machining of hard metals – WC/Co as example
  17. In-operando temperature measurement across the interfaces of a lithium-ion battery cell
  18. The mechanism of anodic dissolution of cobalt in neutral and alkaline electrolyte at high current density
  19. Anodic dissolution behaviour and surface texture development of cobalt under electrochemical machining conditions
  20. Pulse plating of platinum on aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes
  21. Investigations of electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) materials - a comparison of test methods
  22. Anomalies in high-field growth of aluminium oxide using pulse anodizing
  23. Interplay between parameter variation and oxide structure of a modified PAA process
  24. Spectroscopic reflectometry as in-operando method for thickness determination of anodic oxide films on titanium
  25. Electrodeposition of copper on aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes
  26. Investigation of corrosion products formed on C35–AlMgSi0·5 friction welds during natural weathering in marine climate
  27. In-situ investigation of the interplay between microstructure and anodic copper dissolution under near-ECM conditions—Part 2: The transpassive state
  28. Application of Carbon Nanotubes Directly Grown on Aluminum Foils as Electric Double Layer Capacitor Electrodes
  29. Electrochemical corrosion of liquid phase sintered silicon carbide ceramics
  30. In-situ investigation of the interplay between microstructure and anodic copper dissolution under near-ECM conditions – Part 1: The active state
  31. Investigation concerning the applicability of raman spectroscopy for prospective inline monitoring of electrode processing for lithium ion batteries
  32. Screen-printed gold thick films for electrochemical sensor applications
  33. Influence of electric potentials on the tribological behaviour of silicon carbide
  34. In situ temperature measurement on the metal/oxide/electrolyte interface during the anodizing of aluminum
  35. Thickness determination of thin anodic titanium oxide films-a comparison between coulometry and reflectometry
  36. In-situ investigation of the surface-topography during anodic dissolution of copper under near-ECM conditions
  37. Microelectrochemical investigation on aluminium-steel friction welds
  38. Electrochemical corrosion of silicon carbide ceramics
  39. Beurteilung von Korrosionsschutzsystemen für Offshore‐Windenergietürme – Teil 2: Ergebnisse und Schlussfolgerungen
  40. Beurteilung von Korrosionsschutzsystemen für Offshore-Windenergietürme - Teil 1: Problemstellung und Versuchsdurchführung
  41. Micro-EIS of anodic thin oxide films on titanium for capacitor applications
  42. Anodic oxide formation on AA2024: electrochemical and microstructure investigation
  43. Investigation of thin oxide films on titanium for capacitor applications
  44. Application of a multi-channel zero-resistance current amplifier for screening processes
  45. Investigation of the initial stage of crevice corrosion on Al99.5 by electrochemical noise analysis
  46. Interplay between the deposition mode and microstructure in electrochemically deposited Cu thin films
  47. Microstructure formation in electrochemically deposited Copper thin films
  48. Processing, Properties and Coating of Micro-Porous Syntactic Foams
  49. Rauschuntersuchungen zur Spaltkorrosion
  50. Inhibitor efficiency inside small crevices investigated by Electrochemical Noise Analysis