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  1. Development of Fluorescent Co (II)-Integrated Carbon Dots and Their Application as a Off–On Mesotrione Detection Sensor
  2. Efficient green silver nanoparticles-antibiotic combinations against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  3. Highly sensitive and simple fluorescence-based method for trace level residue determination of pinoxaden in agricultural and environmental samples: Experimental and DFT study
  4. An ultrasensitive colorimetric and fluorescent “turn-on” chemosensor based on Schiff base for the detection of Cu2+ in the aqueous medium
  5. Complexes of 2-Amino-3-methylpyridine and 2-Amino-4-methylbenzothiazole with Ag(I) and Cu(II): Structure and Biological Applications
  6. Synthesis of fructose bound Fe(iii) integrated carbon dots as a robust turn-off detection sensor for chlortoluron
  7. One Pot Synthesis of Monolith Induced Porous Silica-Graphene Oxide and its Application for the Excellent Adsorption of Pinoxaden
  8. Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes Contaminated Aqueous Solution Using Binary CdTiO2 and Ternary NiCdTiO2 Nanocomposites
  9. Synthesis of monolith silica anchored graphene oxide composite with enhanced adsorption capacities for carbofuran and imidacloprid
  10. Highly selective and sensitive spectrofluorimetric method for determination of cypermethrin in different environmental samples
  11. Schiff Bases Derived from 2‐Amino‐6‐methylbenzothiazole, 2‐Amino‐5‐chloropyridine and 4‐Chlorobenzaldehyde: Structure, Computational Studies and Evaluation of Biological Activity
  12. Recent advances in colorimetric and fluorescent chemosensors based on thiourea derivatives for metallic cations: A review
  13. Synthesis, characterization and applications of schiff base chemosensor for determination of Cu2+ ions
  14. Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Schiff Base Chemosensor for Determination of Cr(III) Ions
  15. Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Black Tea Wastes: Used as Efficient Adsorbent
  16. Novel Magnetite Nanocomposites (Fe3O4/C) for Efficient Immobilization of Ciprofloxacin from Aqueous Solutions through Adsorption Pretreatment and Membrane Processes
  17. Plastic Recycling for Energy Production
  18. Charge-transfer complex–based spectrophotometric method for the determination of mesotrione in environmental samples
  19. Preconcentration of Nickel from Aqueous Environment Using Microspheric Nickel(II) Ion Imprinted Polymer
  20. Thiourea Derivatives, Simple in Structure but Efficient Enzyme Inhibitors and Mercury Sensors
  22. Particle packed mixed‐mode chromatographic stationary phase for the separation of peptide in liquid chromatography
  23. Fabrication of a green and sensitive quantum dots based fluorescent probe for determination of sparfloxacin in biological samples and drug formulations
  24. Organo-Clay as Adsorbent for Removal of Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl from Water Samples; A Statistical Approach
  25. Medicinal Importance, Coordination Chemistry with Selected Metals (Cu, Ag, Au) and Chemosensing of Thiourea Derivatives. A Review
  26. Selective removal of copper and cobalt from aqueous environment using new Cu(II) and Co(II) imprinted polymer and their determination by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry
  27. Determination of Isoproturon in Environmental Samples using QuEChERS Extraction‐Spectrofluorimetry
  28. Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Nanomaterials for Environmental Analysis
  29. Preparation of microspheric Fe(III)-ion imprinted polymer for selective solid phase extraction
  30. Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of Glyphosate Herbicide in Wheat Grains via Condensation Reaction with p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
  31. Waste Water Treatment with Surfactant-Modified Fuller’s Earth for Removal of Acid Blue 29. A Statistical Approach
  32. Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol and 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solutions
  33. Evaluation and statistical analysis of the modified QuEChERS method for the extraction of pinoxaden from environmental and agricultural samples
  34. Adsorptive removal of Acid Red 17 dye from water by surfactant-modified fuller's earth
  35. Spectrophotometric determination of metribuzin herbicide with p -dimethylamino-benzaldehyde using factorial designs for optimization of experimental variables
  36. Synthesis of Ion Imprinted Polymers by Copolymerization of Zn(II) and Al(III)8-hydroxy Quinolone Complexes with Divinylbenzene and Methacryclic Acid
  37. Spectrofluorimetric Method for Quantification of Triazine Herbicides in Agricultural Matrices
  38. Indirect spectrophotometric method for determination of methamidophos insecticide
  39. Development of a complex-based flow injection spectrophotometric method for herbicide pinoxaden
  40. Flow injection spectrophotometric determination of fenoxaprop-p-ethyl herbicide in different grain samples after derivatization
  41. Glyphosate herbicide residue determination in samples of environmental importance using spectrophotometric method
  42. Extractive spectrophotometric method for determination of metribuzin herbicide and application of factorial design in optimization of various factors