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  1. Coupled flow accumulation and atmospheric blocking govern flood duration
  2. Shower effect of a rainfall onset on the heat accumulated during a preceding dry spell
  3. Impacts and Mechanisms of the Western North Pacific Subtropical High in East Asia
  4. Atmospheric moisture transport versus precipitation across the Tibetan Plateau: A mini-review and current challenges
  5. Added value of dynamical downscaling for hydrological projections in the Chungju Basin, Korea
  6. Diagnosis of the Tropical Moisture Exports to the Mid-Latitudes and the Role of Atmospheric Steering in the Extreme Precipitation
  7. Space-time analysis of multi-hazard risks
  8. Tropical Moisture Exports, Extreme Precipitation and Floods in Northeastern US
  9. Future Water Resources Allocation and Climate Risk Management.
  10. Hydroclimate drivers and atmospheric teleconnections of long duration floods: An application to large reservoirs in the Missouri River Basin
  11. Tropical Moisture Exports, Extreme Precipitation and Floods in Northeast US
  12. Advances in interdisciplinary approach to tackle extreme precipitation prediction
  13. Can We Predict Tornado?
  14. Improved predictability of extreme rainfall that triggered 1995 January flooding in France