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  1. ROCK inhibitor increases proacinar cells in adult salivary gland organoids
  2. Regions of the salivary gland recover from injury in two different ways.
  3. Alpha 6 integrins promote cytokinesis by regulating the expression of RSK2 and MKLP1
  4. Regional Differences Following Partial Salivary Gland Resection
  5. ROCK Inhibitor Increases Proacinar Cells in Adult Salivary Gland Organoids
  6. FGF2-dependent mesenchyme and laminin-111 are niche factors in salivary gland organoids
  7. RARα and RARγ reciprocally control K5+ progenitor cell expansion in developing salivary glands
  8. Endothelial cell regulation of salivary gland epithelial patterning
  9. The contribution of specific cell subpopulations to submandibular salivary gland branching morphogenesis
  10. Heterotypic control of basement membrane dynamics during branching morphogenesis
  11. TGFβ signaling promotes matrix assembly during mechanosensitive embryonic salivary gland restoration
  12. Genetic Modification and Recombination of Salivary Gland Organ Cultures
  13. Multiscale Feature Analysis of Salivary Gland Branching Morphogenesis
  14. A focal adhesion protein-based mechanochemical checkpoint regulates cleft progression during branching morphogenesis
  15. A focal adhesion protein-based mechanochemical checkpoint regulates cleft progression during branching morphogenesis
  16. Localization of AQP5 during development of the mouse submandibular salivary gland
  17. ROCK I regulates Par protein localization and basement membrane deposition during branching morphogenesis
  18. Cell-graph modeling of salivary gland morphology
  19. Systems analysis of salivary gland development and disease
  20. Development of Nanofiber Scaffolds for Engineering an Artificial Salivary Gland
  21. Identification of a mechanochemical checkpoint and negative feedback loop regulating branching morphogenesis
  22. Self-Organization and Branching Morphogenesis of Primary Salivary Epithelial Cells
  23. The matrix reorganized: extracellular matrix remodeling and integrin signaling
  24. Salivary Gland Branching Morphogenesis: Exploration of Molecular Mechanisms Using Laser Microdissection and T7-SAGE
  25. Molecular Analysis of Salivary Gland Branching Morphogenesis
  26. Regulation of rat prostate stromal cell myodifferentiation by androgen and TGF-?1
  27. Phosphatases in cell–matrix adhesion and migration
  28. Fibronectin requirement in branching morphogenesis
  29. Role of PI 3-kinase and PIP3 in submandibular gland branching morphogenesis