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  1. Computational and Experimental Static Stability Analysis of Rectangular Prisms
  2. Flow Field Analysis of Vortex Interactions on Multi-Swept Wing Configurations
  3. Computational Investigation of Quiet Propeller Designs for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  4. Investigation of New HPCMP CREATETM-AV Kestrel Capabilities for Simulation of Extraction Parachutes
  5. Comparison of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Circular and Noncircular Cross-Section Missile Configurations
  6. Computational Study of Vortex Interaction Characteristics of Multi-Swept Wings at Subsonic Speeds
  7. Experiments on Vortical Interactions on Generic Multi-Swept Wing Configurations
  8. A Paratrooper Model Sensitivity Analysis for Personnel Airdrop
  9. Application of the HPCMP CREATETM-AV Kestrel to the 1st AIAA Workshop for Integrated Propeller Prediction
  10. Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of Personnel Airborne Exits
  11. Near-Body/Cartesian Off-Body Simulations for C-17 and Extraction Parachute
  12. Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Computing Unsteady Ship Air Wakes
  13. Verification of Wind Gust Models in the flowPsi Flow Solver
  14. Troop Door 6DOF Exit Simulations for C-130 H/J Airdrop Configurations
  15. Recent Developments in flowPsi CFD code
  16. Indicial Aerodynamic Modeling For Arbitrary Gust Responses
  17. Numerical Simulation of Wake Flowfield Behind the C-130 with Cargo Ramp Open
  18. Indicial Methods for the Numerical Calculation of Dynamic Derivatives
  19. Computational Modeling of C-130 H/J Propellers and Airdrop Configurations
  20. Preliminary Computational Aerodynamic Investigation of the NATO AVT-251 Multi-Disciplinary Configuration
  21. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flight Dynamics of a Generic Lambda Wing Configuration
  22. Forced Motions Design for Aerodynamic Identification and Modeling of a Generic Missile Configuration
  23. Simulation of C-130 H/J Troop Doors and Cargo Ramp Flow Fields
  24. Grid Quality and Resolution Effects for Aerodynamic Modeling of Ram-Air Parachutes
  25. Evaluation of Reduced-Order Models for Predictions of Separated and Vortical Flows
  26. Numerical Simulation of Wake FlowField Behind the C-130H Cargo Ramp
  27. Transonic Canard Effects
  28. Indicial Methods For the Numerical Calculation of Dynamic Derivatives of a Finned Projectile
  29. Collaborative Evaluation of CFD-to-ROM Dynamic Modeling
  30. CFD Calculation of Stability and Control Derivatives For Ram-Air Parachutes
  31. Unsteady Aerodynamic Modeling of Rolling Parachutes Using the Indicial Method
  32. Simulation Validation of Static and Forced Motion Flow Physics of a Canard Configured TransCruiser
  33. Vortical Flow Prediction of the AVT-183 Diamond Wing
  34. Grid Quality and Resolution Effects on the Aerodynamic Modeling of Parachute Canopies
  35. Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Aerodynamic Design and Modeling of a Ram-Air Parachute with Bleed-Air Actuators
  36. Unsteady Aerodynamic Modeling of Aircraft Control Surfaces by Indicial Response Methods
  37. Prediction and Validation of Aerodynamic Characteristics for a Generic UCAV Configuration with Trailing-Edge Flaps
  38. Static and Dynamic Simulations of a Generic UCAV Geometry Using the Kestrel Flow Solver
  39. Validation of Unsteady Aerodynamic Models of a Generic UCAV Using Overset Grids
  40. Prediction of Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Ram-Air Parachute
  41. Numerical Study of Ram Air Airfoils and Upper Surface Bleed-Air Control
  42. Sampling Strategies for Reduced-Order Modeling of Nonlinear and Unsteady Aerodynamics
  43. Validation of CFD Models For Simulating a Maneuvering X-31 with Flight Test Data